Climate Wars

How Peak Oil and the Climate Crisis Will Change Canada (and Our Lives)

From one of the world's great geopolitical analysts, a terrifying glimpse of the none-too-distant future, when climate change will force the world's powers into a desperate struggle for advantage and even survival.

Dwindling resources. Massive population shifts. Natural disasters. Spreading epidemics. Drought. Rising sea levels. Plummeting agricultural yields. Crashing economies. Political extremism. These are some of the expected consequences of runaway climate change in the decades ahead, and any of them could tip the world towards conflict. Prescient, unflinching, and based on exhaustive research and interviews, Climate Wars promises to be one of the most important books of the coming years.
Gwynne Dyer has served in the Canadian, British and American navies. He holds a Ph.D. in war studies from the University of London, has taught at Sandhurst and served on the Board of Governors of Canada’s Royal Military College. Dyer writes a syndicated column that appears in more than 175 newspapers around the world.
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  • Introduction

    Scenario 1: The Year 2045

    Chapter 1: The Geopolitics of Climate Change

    Scenario 2: Russia, 2019

    Chapter 2: An Inevitable Crisis

    Scenario 3: United States, 2029

    Chapter 3: Feedbacks: How Much, How Fast?

    Scenario 4: Northern India, 2036

    Chapter 4: We Can Fix This . . .

    Scenario 5: A Happy Tale

    Chapter 5: . . . But Probably Not In Time

    Scenario 6: China, 2042

    Chapter 6: Emergency Measures

    Scenario 7: Wipeout

    Chapter 7: Childhood’s End

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