Diachronic Climatic Impacts on Water Resources

with Emphasis on the Mediterranean Region

NATO ASI Series. Series I: Global Environmental Change Band 36

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Since the beginning of man's existence on Earth, the adequacy of available water has been as important as any other factor for man's survival and prosperity.

The volume comprises comprehensive reviews on: Paleoenvironments of arid land, climate-water-man interactions, water resources in the Minoan era, ancient Greek examples of avoiding water shortages, climatic changes in the eastern Mediterranean region since 5000 B.C., climatic evolution in ancient civilizations based on fossil studies, impact of climatic changes on groundwater and Mediterranean wetlands.

The book is written for civil and agricultural engineers, hydrologists, geologists, environmental scientists and researchers. It is also useful as a reference to consulting engineers, agriculturists, environmentalists and students.


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Herausgeber Andreas N. Angelakis, Arie S. Issar
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  • Climatic Change and Cultural Change in the Sahara over the Last 130 Ka..- Climatic Changes in Spanish Central Zone During the Last 3000 B.P. Based on Polling Analysis.- Global Warming and Gas Transfer at the Air-Water Interface.- Climatic Changes During the Holocene in the Mediterranean Region.- Quaternary Periodicities of Drought in Greece.- Cyclic Climatic Changes in Cyprus as Evidenced From Historic Documents and one Century’s Rainfall Records.- Avoiding Water Shortages: Some Ancient Greek Solutions.- The Status of Water Resources in Minoan Times: A Preliminary Study.- Response of Some Hydrogeological System in Central Italy to Climatic Variations.- Regional Climate Change Impacts on Hydrology and Water Resources: A Case Study from Greece.- Catchment Hydrological Sensivities to Climate Changes.- The Impact of Climatic Change on Available Moisture in Arid Lands: Examples from the American Southwest.- Perspectives of Future Crop Water Requirements in Spain: The Case of Maize as Reference Crop.- Coastal Ocean Water Resources: Linkages with Terrestiat Freshwater Resources, Anthropogenic Influences and Climate Change.- Impact of Climatic Changes on Coastal Water Quality.- Management of Water Resources and Wastewater Reuse in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.- Author Index.