Dancing Cultures

Globalization, Tourism and Identity in the Anthropology of Dance

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Dance is more than an aesthetic of life - dance embodies life. This is evident from the social history of jive, the marketing of trans-national ballet, ritual healing dances in Italy or folk dances performed for tourists in Mexico, Panama and Canada. Dance often captures those essential dimensions of social life that cannot be easily put into words. What are the flows and movements of dance carried by migrants and tourists? How is dance used to shape nationalist ideology? What are the connections between dance and ethnicity, gender, health, globalization and nationalism, capitalism and post-colonialism? Through innovative and wide-ranging case studies, the contributors explore the central role dance plays in culture as leisure commodity, cultural heritage, cultural aesthetic or cathartic social movement.

Hélène Neveu Kringelbach is a Senior Lecturer in African Studies at UCL. She was a researcher at the African Studies Centre in Oxford. Her current research interests include dance and musical theatre in West Africa and beyond, contemporary choreography in Africa and transnational families across Senegal and Europe.


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  • Introduction: The Movement of Dancing Cultures
    Hélène Neveu Kringelbach and Jonathan Skinner

    Part I: Dance and globalisation

    Chapter 1. Globalization and the Dance Import/Export Business: The Jive Story
    Jonathan Skinner

    Chapter 2. Ballet culture and the market: a transnational perspective
    Helena Wulff

    Chapter 3.  "We've got this rhythm in our blood":  dancing identities in Southern Italy 
    Karen Lüdtke

    Part II: Tourism, Social Transformation and the Dance

    Chapter 4. Performance in tourism: transforming the gaze and tourist encounter at Híwus Feasthouse
    Linda Scarangella-McNenly

    Chapter 5. Movement on the move: performance and dance tourism
    Felicia Hughes-Freeland

    Chapter 6. Dance, visibility and representational self-awareness in an Embera community in Panama
    Dimitrios Theodossopoulos

    Part III: Dance, identity and the nation

    Chapter 7. Moving shadows of Casamance: dance and regionalism in Senegal
    Hélène Neveu Kringelbach

    Chapter 8. Ballet Folklórico Mexicano: choreographing a national identity in a transnational context
    Olga Nájera-Ramírez

    Chapter 9. Dance, youth and changing gender identities in Korea
    Séverine Carrausse

    Chapter 10. Preparation, presentation and power: children's performances in a Balinese dance studio
    Jonathan McIntosh

    Epilogue: Making culture
    Caroline Potter                                                                      

    Notes on Contributors