Systems Theory and the Sociology of Health and Illness

Observing Healthcare

Morten (Copenhagen Business School, Denma Knudsen

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Morten Knudsen has been working with systems theory and healthcare organizations for more than 15 years. He has studied decision-making, the organization of patient participation, standardization and leadership development programmes within healthcare organizations. He currently holds the position of associate professor in organizational analysis, Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School. Werner Vogd is a professor in sociology. His research fields are sociological theory, sociology of organizations, medical sociology, sociology of religion and sociology of knowledge at the Fakultät für Kulturreflexion, University Witten/Herdecke.


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  • 1. Health Care Systems Theory and Polycontexturality: An Introduction Morten Knudsen and Werner Vogd Part 1: Polycontextural Constructions 2. Drugs in Modern Society: Analysing Polycontextural Things under Condition of Functional Differentiation Anna Henkel 3. Polycontexturality and the Body Holger Hojlund and Anders la Cour Part 2: Societal Arrangements 4. Two Ways of Dealing with Polycontexturality in Priority Setting in Swedish Healthcare Politics Werner Schirmer and Dimitris Michailakis 5. Heterophony and Hyper-Responsibility Niels Akerstrom Andersen and Hanne Knudsen Part 3: Organizational Arrangements 6. Arranging Medical and Economical Logics: Investigating the Influence of Economic Controlling in Internal Medicine Department Werner Vogd 7. Hospital Management in Between Medical Professionalism and Management Till Jansen and Sarah Poranzke 8. Sustainability in Integrated Care Partnerships: A Systems and Network Theoretical Approach for the Analysis of Co-Operation Networks Daniel Ludecke Part 4: Reflections 9. The Multiplication and Realization of Speakers as Polyphony Armin Nassehi, Irmhild Saake and Katharina Mayr 10. The Polycontextural Realities of Research Ethics in Medicine Barry Gibson and Jennifer Burr 11. Personal Leadership in Polyphonic Organizations Morten Knudsen