Resilient Health Care

Properly performing health care systems require concepts and methods that match their complexity. Resilience engineering provides that capability. It focuses on a system's overall ability to sustain required operations under both expected and unexpected conditions rather than on individual features or qualities.
Erik Hollnagel (Ph.D., psychology) is Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Chief Consultant at the Centre for Quality Improvement, Region of Southern Denmark, and Professor Emeritus at University of Linkoping (Sweden). He has since 1971 worked at universities, research centres, and industries in several countries, most recently as Industrial Safety Chair at MINES ParisTech (France). He has worked with problems from many domains including nuclear power generation, off-shore, aerospace and aviation, air traffic management, software engineering, healthcare, and land-based traffic. His professional interests include industrial safety, resilience engineering, accident investigation, cognitive systems engineering and cognitive ergonomics. He has published more than 250 papers and authored or edited 20 books, some of the most recent titles being The Functional Resonance Analysis Method (Ashgate 2012), Governance and control of financial systems (Ashgate, 2011), Resilience Engineering in practice (Ashgate, 2011), The ETTO Principle (Ashgate, 2009). Erik is also Editor-in-chief of Ashgate Studies in Resilience Engineering. Jeffrey Braithwaite, BA, DLR, MIR (Hons), MBA, PhD, FACHSM, FAIM is Professor of Health Systems Research and Director of the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at University of New South Wales, Australia. He is visiting professor at University of Birmingham, UK and Senior International Fellow at the Canon Institute for Global Studies in Tokyo, Japan. His work investigates and contributes to systems improvement. He has particular expertise in the culture and structure of acute settings, leadership, management and change in health sector organisations, quality and safety in health care, accreditation and surveying processes in international context and the restructuring of health services. Professor Braithwaite has published more than 300 refereed contributions, and 500 total publications and he has presented at or chaired international and national conferences, workshops, symposia and meetings on more than 500 occasions, including over 60 keynote addresses. Professor Braithwaite is the recipient as at 2012 of career research funding of US$55 million spread over 60 grants. He referees for 30 journals and the health research bodies including in Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Robert L Wears (MD; MS, computer science; PhD, industrial safety) is Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Florida Health Science Center - Jacksonville, and Visiting Professor in the Clinical Safety Research Group, Imperial College London. He is a practicing emergency physician and has since 1994 been studying safety in healthcare settings. His specific areas of interest include resilience in small work teams, response to the unexpected, the design of artefacts to support distributed cognition, and the impact of computerized information technology on safety and performance. He has authored over 250 papers, book chapters, and essays, the most recent title being Patient Safety: A Brief History (in Zipperer, Perspectives on Evidence, Information and Knowledge Transfer; Gower, in press). He is Associate Editor of Annals of Emergency Medicine, and serves on the Editorial Boards of Human Factors and the Journal of Patient Safety. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation.
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  • Contents: Preface: on the need for resilience in healthcare; Section I Healthcare as a Multiple Stakeholder, Multiple System Enterprise: Making healthcare resilient: from safety I to safety II, Erik Hollnagel; Resilience, the second story, and progress on patient safety, Richard Cook; Resilience and safety in healthcare: marriage or divorce?, Rene Amalberti; What safety II might learn from the socio-cultural critique of safety I, Justin Waring; Looking at success vs looking at failure: is quality safety? Is safety quality, Sam Sheps and Karen Cardiff; Healthcare as a complex adaptive system, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Robyn Clay-Williams, Peter Nugus and Jennifer Plumb. Section II The Locus of Resilience - Individuals, Groups, Systems: Resilience in intensive care units: the HUG case, Jean Paries, Nicolas Lot, Fanny Rome and Didier Tassaux; Investigating expertise, flexibility and resilience in socio-technical environments. A case study in robotic surgery, Anne-Sophie Nyssen and Adelaide Blavier; Reconciling regulation and resilience in healthcare, Carl Macrae; Re-structuring and the resilient organisation: implications for health care, Robyn Clay-Williams; Relying on resilience: too much of a good thing?, Robert L. Wears and Charles A. Vincent; Mindful organizing and resilient healthcare, Kathleen M. Sutcliffe and Karl E. Weick. Section III The Nature and Practice of Resilient Health Care: Separating resilience from success, Rollin J. Fairbanks, Shawna Perry, William Bond and Robert L. Wears; Adaptation versus standardization in patient safety, Sheuwen Chuang; The use of PROMS to promote patient empowerment and improve resilience in health care systems, Alessandra Gorini, Ketti Mazzocco and Gabriela Pravettoni; Resilient health care, Rob Robson; Safety-II thinking in action: 'just in time' information to support everyday activities, Robyn Clay-Williams and Jeffrey Braithwaite; Mrs Jones can't breathe: can a resilience framework help?, Patricia H. Strachan; Epilogue how to make health care resilient, Eric Hollnagel, Jeffrey Braithwaite and Robert L. Wears; References; Index.
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