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Sparrow, G: Mars

A New View of the Red Planet

Giles Sparrow

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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A stunning pictorial guide to the magnificent Red Planet, filled with the latest and most magnificent images to be sent back from Curiosity, from 1964 until the present day.

Giles Sparrow studied Astronomy at University College London, and Science Communication at Imperial College. He has acted as author, consultant and contributor on numerous popular science books, and is the author of, amongst others, The Universe and How to See It, Cosmos, The Stargazer´s Handbook, Voyage Across the Cosmos, Cosmos Close-Up and The Universe in 100 Key Discoveries.


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Seitenzahl 224
Erscheinungsdatum 06.11.2014
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-84866-461-6
Verlag Quercus Publishing
Maße (L/B/H) 43.9/40.8/3.5 cm
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  • Introduction. THE FASCINATION OF MARS: The prehistory of Mars; Mars through the telescope; The coming of the Martians; Into the Space Age. WORLD OF WONDERS: Mars in the solar system; Birth of a planet; Internal structure; Evolving world; Structure of the crust; Martian volcanoes; Sands of Mars; Polar caps; Subsurface ice; Impact craters; Rivers, lakes and flood plains; Ancient oceans? Present water? Atmosphere and weather; Seasons of Mars; Martian climate change; Dust storms; Dust devils; Life on Mars? Phobos and Deimos. AN ATLAS OF MARS: Mapping Mars; Valles Marineris; Aram Chaos; Tharsis rise; Olympus Mons; North pole; Hellas basin; Southern highlands; South pole; Becquerel crater; Vastitas Borealis; Gale crater; Arabia Tera; Alba Mons; Noctis Labyrinthus; Ismenius Lacus; Cydonia; Chryse Planitia; Victoria crater; Noachis Terra; Elysium Planitia; Kasei Vallis; Aureum Chaos; Candor Chasma; Meridiani Planum; Arsia Mons; Gorgonum Chaos; Syrtis Major Planum; Utopia Planitia; Argyre Planitia; Ares Vallis; Capri Mensa; Nili Fossae; Reull Vallis. EXPLORERS ON THE RED PLANET: Early probes; Viking orbiters; Viking landers; Mars Pathfinder; Mars Global Surveyor; 2001 Mars Odyssey; Mars Express; Mars Exploration Rovers; Spirit; Opportunity; Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter; Phoenix; Curiosity; Future Mars missions; Humans on Mars. Appendix: Missions to Mars. Appendix: Observing Mars. Glossary. Index.