Analogue vs. Digital Memory Game (Spiel)

Mieke Gerritzen, Koert Van Mensvoort

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This new title in the BIS collection of memory games celebrates all things going from Analogue to Digital and back again. It contains 30 sets of objects and phenomena that migrated from atoms to bits, or were born in the digital world and have been planted in the physical world afterwards. This memory game makes players of all ages aware of how the two spheres - digital and physical - have evolved and changed our lives. Guaranteed great fun to play and you may also learn a few surprising facts about digitalization and how the physical world is fighting back.

Your task, as ever, is to find the matching cards. For example: the bitcoin and the Euro coin, the Google point on Google maps on screen and as a physical object on the street, a carrier pigeon and the Twitter bird, a physical thumbs up and the Facebook like-icon.


Erscheinungsdatum 16.03.2015
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9789063693787
Hersteller BIS Publishers B.V.
Maße (L/B/H) 14.9/7.8/5.5 cm
Gewicht 342 g


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