The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths

Fiona Griffiths Crime Thriller Series Book 3

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@2@@20@A woman starved to death. A tech genius with his hands hacked off. The heist of the century.@21@@3@@2@When DC Fiona Griffiths and her colleagues piece together the clues to several grim crimes, they realise they're staring at one of the world's most daring robberies. Fiona is asked to take on her toughest case yet: will she go undercover to penetrate this criminal gang from within?@3@@2@When Fiona says yes, she has to give up her old life entirely. She becomes Fiona Grey, a homeless woman struggling to get her life back together again. When the criminal gang adopt her as one of their own, she's totally alone, vulnerable - and dangerous as hell.@3@@2@@20@Praise for the Fiona Griffiths mystery series: @21@@3@@2@'With Detective Constable Fiona 'Fi' Griffiths, Harry Bingham...finds a sweet spot in crime fiction...@20@think Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander@21@...[or] @20@Lee Child's Jack Reacher@21@... The writing is terrific' @18@The Boston Globe @19@@3@@2@'The easiest five stars I've ever awarded a book. Fiona Griffiths is by far @20@the most original detective@21@ I've come across' Loretta Milan@3@@2@'@20@Gritty, compelling@21@...a procedural unlike any other you are likely to read this year' @18@USA Today@19@ @3@@2@ 'Compelling...@20@a new crime talent to treasure@21@' @18@Daily Mail@19@ @3@@2@'Fiona Griffiths may be the most @20@fascinating protagonist @21@in fiction. She is @20@similar to Lisbeth Salander@21@, an intelligent but profoundly damaged young woman, but Fiona is less hostile and more curious, sort of a good guy sociopath. This is definitely @20@one my favourite thriller series' @21@Audrey, Top 500 Reviewer@3@@2@@20@Fans of Angela Marsons, Peter James and Ann Cleeves will be gripped by the other titles in the Fiona Griffiths mystery series: @21@@16@@18@1. @19@@18@Talking to the Dead@19@@16@@18@2. @19@@18@Love Story, With Murders@19@@16@@18@3. @19@@18@The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths@19@@16@@18@4. @19@@18@This Thing of Darkness@19@@16@@18@5. @19@@18@The Dead House @19@@16@@18@6. @19@@18@The Deepest Grave (coming soon!)@19@@3@@2@@20@If you're looking for a crime thriller series to keep you hooked, then go no further: you've just found it.@21@@3@@2@** Each Fiona Griffiths thriller can be read as a standalone or in series order **@3@
Harry Bingham, geboren 1967, arbeitete nach seinem Universitätsstudium zehn Jahre als Investmentberater einer Londoner Bank, bevor er seinen ersten Roman schrieb. Er lebt mit Frau und zahlreichen Hunden in Oxford.
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Einband Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 400
Erscheinungsdatum 26.03.2015
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-4091-3724-5
Reihe Fiona Griffiths Crime Thriller Series
Verlag Orion Publishing Group
Maße (L/B/H) 19.8/12.8/3.5 cm
Gewicht 334 g
Verkaufsrang 5783
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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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