Exotic Man Love - A Compilation of 4 Hot Gay M/M Erotica Stories from Steam Books

Melody Lewis, Dara Tulen, Bernadette Russo

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BONUS! This ebook contains a preview of the hot story "A Groom For the Earl" by Melody Lewis.

Discover erotic man-on-man passion no matter where you are or when you are. Melody Lewis, Dara Tulen and Bernadette Russo present to you 4 stories of the hottest man action in the most exotic locales and fantastic situations throughout space and time.

This bundle includes:

DESTINED IN THE DARK by Melody Lewis. In the middle ages, a young lad named Gabe plots an assassination to avenge his sister's death. Gabe goes undercover as a prostitute in a brothel, planning to lure his sister's murderer, the Count. However, Gabe is about to learn some unexpected, fascinating, and sexy things about the Count, his sister's death, and himself.

ONE SMALL STEP FOR 4 HOT MEN by Dara Tulen. Earth was dying, its only chance of salvation in the hands of the crew of the World's Hope, a four-man team led by twenty-seven year-old Macy Rucker. He and the rest of the crew strapping young crew had one mission: find a new home before it was too late.

BETWEEN HONOR AND PASSION by Melody Lewis. In the late 19th century, Hitoshi Ichihara is one of the few remaining samurai, prepared to die by the edge of the sword, if required. What he wasn't prepared for, though, was a confession of love from his friend and lord, Akihiro Tamazaki. Now, Hitoshi must choose between dying a samurai's honorable death and living with Aki, unless he can find a way to retain both his honor and the man he loves the most...

MOUNTAIN MAN LOVIN' by Bernadette Russo. Sean travels to the mountain city of Baguio in the Philippines on the look-out for local handicrafts. There he meets Jason, whom he thinks is too good for him, but the latter has other ideas. The two hit it off, but could Sean be reading too much into Jason's friendliness?

WARNING: This 16,733-word compilation is a steamy read that features explicit scenes and may be too much for some readers to handle! 

(Melody Lewis)
Melody Lewis worked as a copywriter and assistant when it occured to her that writing would be even more fun if it was much, much sexier. So she has emerged as one of the exciting voices in erotica, her work for Steam Books Erotica & Romance and other publishers specializing in the type of hot, steaming passion that can occur between men.

Melody's credentials outside the erotica field are notable, as well, having earned herself a Bachelors in Mass Communicatoin and Journalism. Her education has undoubtedly only made her all the more skilled in the art of eroticism.


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Erscheinungsdatum 16.07.2013
Verlag Steam Books
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