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The Psychology of Pro-Environmental Communication

Beyond Standard Information Strategies

Christian A. Klöckner

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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The environment is part of everyone's life but there are difficulties in communicating complex environmental problems, such as climate change, to a lay audience. In this book Klöckner defines environmental communication, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the issues involved in encouraging pro-environmental behaviour.

"This book will appeal to those who want a broad, academic, well-referenced foundation to environmental communication which is understandable to educated laypeople. ... this book contains a wealth of actionable concepts and techniques. ... The Psychology of Pro-Environmental Communication: Beyond Standard Information Strategies provides a valuable resource which environmental communicators may benefit from drawing on for insights and the stimulation of brainstorms." (George M. Jacobs, Language & Ecology,, 2017)

"Multidisciplinary in nature, this book offers a comprehensive overview of theory and case studies. The parts of this book dedicated to accounting for the role of intraorganizational dynamics and innovation are arguably the most useful. These insights are applicable not only to environmental communication, but also organizational communication and management." (Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim, International Journal of Communication, Vol. 10, 2016)

CHRISTIAN A. KLØCKNER is Professor in Social Psychology at the Psychological Institute, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is the author of numerous books (published in German), articles and book chapters.


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  • Preface

    1. What is Environmental Communication and Why is it Important?

    2. Potential and Limitations of Environmental Communication

    3. Understanding Communication - Insights from Theories of Communication

    4. Decision models - What Psychological Theories Teach Us about People's Behaviour

    5. Communication in Large Social Systems - How Information Spreads through Societies

    6. Traditional and New Media - About Amplification and Negation

    7. Target Group Segmentation - Why Knowing your Audience is Important

    8. An Overview of Communication-Based Intervention Techniques

    9. Promoting Pro-Environmental Behaviour in Groups and Organisations

    10. Playing Good? - Environmental Communication through Games and Simulations

    11. Rock Festivals, Sport Events, Theatre - Some Out-of-the-Ordinary Means of Environmental Communication