Chasing Fire (Part 3): The Master (BDSM Erotic Romance)

Mara Stone

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Nick Pacelli has been encouraging Isabella Lupton to explore her sexuality, gently pushing her boundaries and introducing her to a level of pleasure than she hadn't known existed.

When they are invited to join the other residents at a private function, Nick is hesitant. How will Isabella react to their relationship being on public display?


"Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to Nick's Isabella," Marilyn said as they took their seats. "Isabella, this is Lena and Catherine." She waved at a beautiful Asian woman and a stunning young blonde.
"It's nice to meet you," Isabella said before one of the male serves came over and smiled at them.
"Can I get you ladies something to drink?"
"Dirty martini, George. And you know I like it the dirtier the better," Marilyn replied with a wink.
The waiter grinned back at her. "Of course." He turned to Isabella.
"I think I'll have a glass of champagne," she said. He gave a slight bow then headed toward the bar.
"So, you're Isabella. It's nice to finally meet you," Lena said. Isabella blinked at her in surprise, slightly taken aback that these women seemed to know her.
Marilyn smiled at her. "You must understand that it's been a long standing joke that Nick won't even look at anyone with brown hair because of his infatuation with you."
Isabella felt her jaw drop open and she waited until their drinks were served and the waiter left until asking, "How do you-"
Marilyn waved a hand in the air. "I've been friends with Nick's family for a long time. His father and I were very close. I've seen the way he has looked at you over the years and I knew it was just a matter of time until the two of you stopped being so stubborn and actually got together."
"I didn't…I mean, I never thought Nick looked at me as anything more than a friend until recently."
Lena scoffed good-naturedly. "Please, any of us with dark hair couldn't even get close to him because we reminded him of you. You've been his obsession for years..."


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