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Jost Nickel's Groove Book

Groove Design, Orchestration, Split & Switch Grooves, Linear Grooves, Ghost Notes, Displacements, Bass Drum: Technics & Control, Go-Go Grooves, Timing and much more (English Edition)

Jost Nickel

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Buch (Taschenbuch)
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The effect of the “groove“ in music is palpable—it can be sensed by everyone. The music is felt throughout the body, and you get the irresistible impulse to move or dance. The energy of music transmits itself to each individual as a direct response to the music. Creating this “good feeling“ is the subject of Jost Nickel’s Groove Book. Naturally, the drummer bears the weight of responsibility for generating the groove; in any band, it’s not just what you play that constitutes the groove; rather it is how you play it.
Jost Nickel not only shows what makes a good groove but how it is played. Furthermore, he delivers a wide variety of possibilities for creating your own great grooves and playing these grooves in diff erent ways that expand your own pattern repertoire. The good groove starts with you!
Jost Nickel‘s Groove Book gives you the necessary tools for your drumming to feel good, so the groove happens naturally.

Jost Nickel, drummer with the famous German hip-hop act Jan Delay, studied at Drummers Collective in New York. He worked with many German and international musicians including Barry Finnerty, Randy Brecker, Mousse T., and Seeed.
Nowadays he works as a tutor at both the German University of Pop in Mannheim and the German Music Academy in Hamburg.
He made his mark as a clinician and educator after a series of stunning drum clinics at the PASIC convention in Texas and at the Montréal Drum Fest in Canada, among others. Since 2005 he has authored his own workshop series in Modern Drummer magazine, Drummer UK, and in the German drummer magazine Drums & Percussion.


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Originaltitel Jost Nickels Groove Book
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  • Preface
    I am delighted that you are holding my book in your hands. You’re most welcome!
    The title Groove Book tells its own tale: This book is exclusively about groove. I decided upon Groove as the topic for my fi rst book because I have fun playing and listening to grooves on the one hand, and then on the other hand, I find drummers most fascinating when they get into a great groove.
    All grooves in this book will sound great and be fun to play. Additionally, it was important to me to show you a range of possibilties for creating your own great-sounding grooves, and how to play these grooves in different ways to expand your own pattern repertoire.
    I tried to keep the text passages to a minimum because we all like to start playing the notes rather than reading the words—right? But that said, I ask you to read the explanations carefully, especially those that focus on the development of your own grooves; I know they will be helpful.
    How to Work with This Book:
    Please take your time after studying each chapter to refl ect on its contents:
    • What are the key points to highlight?
    • What did you most enjoy?
    • Can you transfer these concepts to another context?
    Please free yourself from the music notation as soon as possible. Frequently you are able to play things by heart very quickly, without reference to the music text. The moment you can play by heart you are free to listen to your own playing more consciously, and you will be able to pay more attention to technical and musical details.
    I‘m sure you will find certain grooves that you like best in each chapter. Mark your favorite grooves and add those to your own groove repertoire. Have fun working with my book!
    Jost Nickel
  • Preface 3
    Contents 4
    Disambiguation 6
    What Is “Groove“ Actually About? 6
    Drum Key 6
    How to Count Rhythms in This Book 7
    Chapter 1: Orchestration Concepts – The Split and the Switch 8
    Paradiddle 8
    The Split 9
    The Switch 10
    Chapter 2: Groove Design 12
    Groove 1 12
    Groove 2 18
    Groove 3 23
    Groove 4 28
    Chapter 3: Do It Yourself 33
    The Four Basic Rules 33
    No Rule Without Exception 37
    Chapter 4: Linear Grooves 40
    Linear Groove – Initial Pattern 40
    Do It Yourself – Two Simple Rules 42
    Linear Groove Study 1–2 45
    Linear Switch Grooves 47
    Chapter 5: Ghost Notes 49
    Ghost Notes 1 – Ostinato Approach 49
    Ghost Notes 2 – Intertwined Approach 52
    Ghost Notes 3 – Ghost Notes Before and After Snare Accents 57
    Chapter 6: Bass Drum Displacement 65
    Displacement of a Bass Drum Beat 65
    Omitting a Bass Drum Beat 68
    Chapter 7: Snare Displacement 71
    Snare Displacement Studies 1–10 71
    Chapter 8: Half Time – Double Time 82
    Half Time – Double Time – “Double Double Time“ 82
    Examples 1A–5B 82
    Chapter 9: Bass Drum Technique and Control 88
    Heel Up 88
    Heel Down 90
    Chapter 10: Three-Note Groove Variations 94
    3-Note 1 94
    3-Note 2 96
    3-Note 3 98
    3-Note 1 in Half-Time Grooves 100
    Chapter 11: Go-Go Grooves 103
    Cowbell Pattern 1 103
    Cowbell Pattern 2 106
    Cowbell Pattern 3 108
    Cowbell Pattern 4 110
    Cowbell Pattern Studies 1–4 112
    Chapter 12: Timing, Groove, and Philosophy 114
    Philosophy 114
    Perfect Timing? 115
    Playing Live with a Click? 116
    Tempo and Adrenaline 116
    The “Right“ Live Tempo 116
    Playing Laid-Back, On Top, on On the Beat? 117
    Tempo Anecdotes 118
    Timing and Groove Exercise 1 119
    Timing and Groove Exercise 2 122
    Timing and Groove Exercise 3 122
    Epilogue 123
    Appendix: Reading Text Exercises 125