Health Economics Worldwide

Developments in Health Economics and Public Policy Band 1

P. Zweifel, H Frech III

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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This volume reflects both the main issues confronting health economics and the state of the art in health economics a decade before the end of the twentieth century. It contains a selection from almost 150 papers presented at the Second World Congress on Health Economics, held at the University of ZUrich, Switzerland, 10-14 September 1990. This is ten years after the last Congress (held in Leiden, The Netherlands) and more than 17 years after the Tokyo meeting organized by the International Economic Associ ation (which might be called the First World Congress were it not for its small size and symposium-like character). Out of the 16 papers appearing in this book, only four were invited, and they were refereed like all the others. The remaining contributions are survivors of stiff competition. However, in spite of the large sample of papers we were able to draw from, certain gaps of coverage persist. In particular, environmental impacts on health were designated as a field of priority interest in the call for papers to this Congress. Yet, not even half a dozen contribu tions were submitted, which is remarkable in view of the intense interest of the public in the health effects of environmental degradation, ranging from noise level to ozone concentration. Another specially designed field was the political economy of health, dealing with the behavior of policy makers when deciding about changes in the health care systems. It did not attract as many contributions as we had hoped for or expected.


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Herausgeber Peter Zweifel, H. E. Frech
Seitenzahl 365
Erscheinungsdatum 31.12.1991
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-7923-1219-2
Verlag Springer Netherland
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  • I. Issues in health insurance.- 1. Pricing and imperfections in the medical care market place.- 2. How can we prevent cream skimming in a competitive health insurance market? The great challenge for the ’90s.- 3. The impact of utilization review on costs and utilization.- 4. The normative and positive economics of minimum health benefits.- II. Criteria for allocating health care resources.- 1. Cost-effectiveness analysis of strategies for screening prostatic cancer.- 2. The validity of the MIMIC health index — some empirical evidence.- 3. Welfare economics and cost-utility analysis.- III. Administrative and market allocation in health care.- 1. Excess demand and patient selection for heart and liver transplantation.- 2. Non-price allocative procedures: Scottish solutions to a National Health Service problem.- 3. Priorities among waiting list patients.- 4. Consumer information, price, and nonprice competition among hospitals.- IV. Health care in the political arena.- 1. Cost containment in health care. Justification and consequences.- 2. Political economy of hospital financing.- 3. A pooled cross-sectional analysis of the health care expenditure of the OECD countries.- 4. Is there a Sisyphus syndrome in health care?.- 5. Deaths from gastrointestinal cancer in Mexico: Probable cause for water sampling.- Index of names.- Index of subjects.