Chin Na in Ground Fighting

Principles, Theory and Submission Holds for All Martial Styles

This self-defense guide focuses on the use of joint locks, cavity presses, and bone misplacement to subdue any aggressor. Theory, principles, and techniques are included.

Al Arsenault began his pursuit of the ways of pugilism in 1971, obtaining black belts in Okinawan, Japanese, and Chinese martial arts. He was a highly-decorated member of the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) from 1979-2006, where he assisted in the training and education of its members in control tactics and non-firearm weaponry. He currently trains in, and helps to teach, Judo at the VPD Judo Club. Mr. Joe Faulise has been training and has had an interest in the martial arts since the age of thirteen. He began training in 1973, when he was encouraged by his mother to try out for the wrestling team at school. He learned that the coach also owned a judo school and began training there as well. He did wrestling in the winter months and judo in the summer months until 1977.

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