Tiny Little Thing

A Novel

Schuler Sisters Novels Band 2

Beatriz Williams

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The New York Times bestselling author of Her Last Flight returns with the story of another Schuyler sister, a young woman embroiled in politics, passion, and dangerous secrets....


In the summer of 1966, Christina “Tiny” Hardcastle stands on the brink of a breathtaking future. Unlike her spirited sisters, Tiny was the consummate well-behaved debutant, poised and picture-perfect, raised to serve as a consort to a great man. Now, as her handsome husband, Frank, runs for a Massachusetts seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, that long-sought destiny lies nearly within reach.


But behind her glamorous facade, Tiny’s flawless life is cracking. She and Frank both have secrets in their pasts that could shatter their political ambitions and the intricate truce of their marriage. So when two unwelcome visitors arrive at the Hardcastle family’s Cape Cod estate—Frank’s cousin Caspian, a Vietnam war hero who knows a thing or two about Tiny’s hidden past, and an envelope containing incriminating photographs—Tiny is forced into a reckless gamble against a house that always, always wins…

Praise for Tiny Little Thing

"Get to know Christina 'Tiny' and Frank Hardcastle in this winner of a novel. The Kennedy-esque couple have a bright political future...but both have dangerous secrets."-US Weekly

"Elegantly written...the book is strewn with unexpected heroes and villains and makes an exclusive, Kennedy-esque world accessible...A fascinating look at wealth, love, ambition, secrets, and what family members will and won't do to protect each other."-Kirkus Reviews

More Praise for Beatriz Williams and her novels

"Fabulous...A perfect summer read."-Examiner.com

"Riveting."-US Weekly

"Smart and engrossing."-New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand

"Sparkles like the New England summer sun."-New York Times bestselling author Karen White

"Hard to stop reading."-The Missourian

Beatriz Williams lives with her husband and children in Connecticut. She is the
New York Times bestselling author of
Along the Infinite Sea,
Tiny Little Thing,
The Secret Life of Violet Grant,
A Hundred Summers, and
Overseas. She also writes under the pseudonym Juliana Gray.


Einband Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 416
Erscheinungsdatum 02.02.2016
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-425-27886-4
Verlag Penguin US
Maße (L/B/H) 20.3/13.4/2.7 cm
Gewicht 310 g

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