The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker

How to make Connections others don't

Dorte Nielsen, Sarah Thurber

Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Deutsch, Englisch)
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Deutsch, Englisch)
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People who are good at creating ideas are good at seeing connections. Could teaching people to see connections be a way to help them be more creative?

Over the years, there’s a need for a book on creativity that complements the teaching of the creative process and tools and gives you a practical approach to how to enhance your innate ability to think creatively. This book as an opportunity to dispel the myth that creative talent is something possessed by a gifted minority. This is the opportunity to pass on ‘the secret’ of highly creative people to a much wider audience. It’s a chance to give others the knowledge, techniques, and training they need to enhance their own innate creativity and lead the way to fun, fulfillment, invention, innovation, and change. It’s a unique book that combines a very hands on and practical approach with a solid scholarly foundation.

"Love the book. Terrific work. An excellent idea and a great contribution to our field. It was such a pleasure to read." - Dr. Gerard Puccio, Director of the International Center for Studies in Creativity


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