Vattimo, G: Of Reality

The Purposes of Philosophy

Gianni Vattimo

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We tell one another to accept reality, not to fight for something that doesn't exist or might never be. Gianni Vattimo pushes back against this false wisdom, which lends tacit support to the status quo. Instead, Vattimo urges us to never stop questioning, contrasting, or overcoming reality, which is not natural, inevitable, or objective. Reality is a construct, reflecting, among other things, our greed, biases, and tendencies toward violence. Drawing on Nietzsche and Heidegger, Vattimo develops in this volume a philosophy to combat the newest enemy of freedom and democracy: complacency toward reality. It is no accident, Vattimo argues, that the call to embrace reality has emerged at a time when the inequalities of liberal capitalism are at their most extreme.

Gianni Vattimo is emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Turin and former member of the European Parliament. His most recent books include A Farewell to Truth; The Responsibility of the Philosopher; Hermeneutic Communism: From Heidegger to Marx (with S. Zabala), and Art's Claim to Truth, all translated into several languages.


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Erscheinungsdatum 12.04.2016
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ISBN 978-0-231-16696-6
Verlag Columbia Univers. Press
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