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Brun, R: Linked Enterprise Models and Objects

Representing Content and Context of an Enterprise in an Enterprise Ontology

Roman Brun

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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An enterprise consists of various objects. They are all somehow associated with each other. In order to maintain an overview, different models like organisational structures, IT systems, document models, business process models, product models and much more exist in enterprises. They vary in complexity, granularity and timeliness and are often not explicitly linked with each other, neither are the objects themselves. This missing linkage can cause various problems. The Linked Enterprise Models and Objects (LEMO) approach tries to solve this issue by allowing the enterprise more agility in such situations. It shows how things are related and linked in an enterprise and makes the relations explicit and (re-)usable. The LEMO approach is implemented in an ontological representation, the Enterprise Model Ontology (EMO). It describes the general concepts representing the content and context of an enterprise used to define meta models of various model types.

Roman Brun, MSc Business Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. He was part of a EU research project during his time as Research Assistant. Then, several years as Requirements Engineer followed. After that he took up a new challenge as Department Manager at Dock Gruppe AG.


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