Up, Down, and Sideways

Anthropologists Trace the Pathways of Power

Berghahn Books Band 7

Rachael Gonzalez, Roberto Stryker

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  • Up, Down, and Sideways

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“The case studies demonstrate that anthropology has much to offer to the study of power and that the study of power has much to offer to our grasp of contemporary society and culture. The selections range over a wide territory of countries and institutional settings, interestingly not dwelling on anthropology's customary 'traditional' societies but rather focusing on modern state and trans-state systems. It has much to offer the discipline and should inspire much more valuable research and theory.”  ·  Anthropology Review Database

“I really appreciate the way the authors combine the overall concept of social power with its actual application by decision-makers that impact the daily lives of ordinary people, and the way they perceive the realities that they experience in a very wide range of circumstances… This is a well-structured collection by authors who all share the same perspective, but they cover a wide-diversity of areas, both topically and geographically.”   ·  John H. Bodley, Washington State University

“This collection of essays uses the writings, methods, and ideas of Laura Nader to produce an important collection of essays… The clear thematic focus examining “pathways of power” combined with the breadth of the subjects used to examine power relations is the central strength of a collection.”   ·  David H. Price, St. Martin’s University

“The collection offers a persuasive case for [Laura] Nader’s thesis, strong evidence of the violence of power and how it works (historically and in the contemporary world), and a clear illustration of the connections between social phenomena... Thus, the Nader principle allows for a beautiful synthesis, bringing together seemingly disparate topics (from debt and dispossession to food, adoption, repressed memory and health care), revealing their systemic and structural linkages.”   ·  Alisse Waterston, City University of New York

Rachael Stryker is Assistant Professor in the department of Human Development and Women’s Studies at California State University, East Bay. Her work comparatively explores emotion socialization, with a focus on attachment formation and representation, and her publications include The Road to Evergreen: Adoption, Attachment Therapy, and the Promise of Family (Cornell, 2010), as well as articles for the Childhood, International Migration and Children and Youth Services Review journals.


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  • Foreword
    Laura Nader

    Introduction: On Studying Up, Down, and Sideways: What's at Stake?
    Roberto J. González and Rachael Stryker


    Chapter 1. On Debt: Tracking the Shifting Role of the Debtor in U.S. Bankruptcy Legal Practice
    Linda Coco

    Chapter 2. On Commerce: Analyzing the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-1998
    Jay Ou

    Chapter 3. On Bureaucracy: Excessively Up at the International Labour Organisation
    Ellen Hertz


    Chapter 4. On Dispossession: The Work of Studying Up, Down, and Sideways in Guatemala's Indigenous Land
    Rights Movements
    Liza Grandia

    Chapter 5. On Food: Manufacturing Food Insecurity in Oaxaca, Mexico
    Roberto J. González

    Chapter 6. On Environment: The "Broker State," Peruvian Hydrocarbons Policy, and the Camisea Gas Project
    Patricia Urteaga-Crovetto


    Chapter 7. On Family: Adoptive Parenting Up, Down, and Sideways
    Rachael Stryker

    Chapter 8. On Truth: The Repressed Memory Wars from Top to Bottom
    Robyn Kliger

    Chapter 9. On Common Sense: Lessons on Starting Over from Post-Soviet Ukraine
    Monica Eppinger

    Chapter 10. On Caring: Solidarity Anthropology (or, How to Keep Health Care from Becoming Science Fiction)
    Adrienne Pine

    On Power: Concluding Comments
    Barbara Rose Johnston, Roberto J. González, and Rachael Stryker

    Notes on Contributors