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Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges

Leading from the Future as it Emerges

C. Otto Scharmer

Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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  • Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges

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  • Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges

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  • Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges

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Access the deepest source of inspiration and vision

We live in a time of massive institutional failure that manifests in the form of three major divides: the ecological, the social, and the spiritual. Addressing these challenges requires a new consciousness and collective leadership capacity. In this groundbreaking book, Otto Scharmer invites us to see the world in new ways and in so doing discover a revolutionary approach to learning and leadership.

In most large systems today, we collectively create results that no one wants. What keeps us stuck in such patterns of the past? It's our blind spot, that is, our lack of awareness of the inner place from which our attention and intention originate. By moving through Scharmer's U process, we consciously access the blind spot and learn to connect to our authentic Self-the deepest source of knowledge and inspiration. Theory U offers a rich diversity of compelling stories, examples, exercises, and practices that allow leaders, organizations, and larger systems to cosense and coshape the future that is wanting to emerge.

This second edition features a new preface in which Scharmer identifies five transformational trends and describes U process case stories around the world. There are also eight color drawings by Kelvy Bird that capture U journey applications and illustrate the concepts in the book, as well as new resources for applying the principles and practices.

C. Otto Scharmer is a senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the founding chair of the Presencing Institute. He is faculty chair of MIT’s IDEAS program; visiting professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing; and a cofounder of the Global Wellbeing and Gross National Happiness Lab, which links innovators from Bhutan, India, China, Brazil, Europe, and the United States to prototype profound innovations in government, business, education, and civil society. He is the coauthor of Leading from the Emerging Future and Presence.

Foreword author Peter Senge is a senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also founding chair of the Society for Organizational Learning North America and the coauthor of the bestselling book, The Fifth Discipline.


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  • Color Insert Images by Kelvy Bird

    Preface to the Second Edition

    Foreword by Peter Senge



    Part I Bumping into Our Blind Spot

    Chapter 1 Facing the Fire

    Chapter 2 The Journey to “U”

    Chapter 3 Fourfold Learning and Change

    Chapter 4 Organizational Complexity

    Chapter 5 Shifts in Society

    Chapter 6 Philosophical Grounding

    Chapter 7 On the Threshold

    Part II Entering the U Field

    Chapter 8 Downloading

    Chapter 9 Seeing

    Chapter 10 Sensing

    Chapter 11 Presencing

    Chapter 12 Crystallizing

    Chapter 13 Prototyping

    Chapter 14 Performing

    Part III Presencing: a Social Technology for Profound Innovation and Change

    Chapter 15 The Grammar of the Social Field

    Chapter 16 Individual actions

    Chapter 17 Conversational actions

    Chapter 18 Organizational actions

    Chapter 19 Global actions

    Chapter 20 Catching Social reality Creation in Flight

    Chapter 21 Principles and Practices of Presencing

    Epilogue awareness Based Systems Change





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