Freedom at Last

Robert Paul Roth

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The time is the late 1940s. The place is India on the eve of independence. A history professor and his wife -- Ivar and Maren Lagerstrom -- arrive at a mission college in the southeastern town of Chinnapur. We follow Ivar and Maren as they learn to negotiate Indian society and as they endure trials of weather and disease. But graver crises are coming.

Chinnapur is quickly becoming a haven for refugees. When the communist town chairman foments a riot of Koya tribesmen against the influx, a slaughter begins and throws the town into chaos.

Robert Paul Roth has created a human-interest tale in which characters under duress become vehicles for significant social and political comment. Offering more than political commentary or local color, however, Freedom at Last reveals the irony of small-town life in uncertain times. Brimming with compelling characters, this novel brings readers close to ambiguities in both missionary activity and political empire.

Robert P. Roth was Professor of Systematic Theology and Dean of Northwestern Lutheran Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. When the school became Luther Seminary he was Director of Graduate Studies. He has published articles on literature and theology in numerous periodicals, and was an editor for Global Missions' magazine, Aereopogus.


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Seitenzahl 318
Erscheinungsdatum 20.02.2007
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-4982-4910-2
Verlag Resource Publications
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