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The Kangaroo Chronicles - Best Of

Marc-Uwe Kling

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Marc-Uwe lives together with a kangaroo. The kangaroo is a
communist and it is really into Nirvana. It's a classical
Berlin flat-sharing community, where the deep questions of
life are debated:
Is lying in a hammock already a kind of passive resistance?
Must the Kangaroo place its pouch onto the conveyor belt at
the airport security check? Did the Kangaroo really fight
for the Vietcong? And why is it addicted to champagne truffles?

Marc-Uwe Kling writes funny songs and stories. His business
model is to write books that fiercely criticize capitalism
and sell incredibly well.
A two-time German Poetry Slam Champion he has also won
numerous awards for his stage shows. For his Kangaroo
stories he was awarded the German Radio Award, the German
Cabaret Award and the German Audio Book Prize.


Abo-Fähigkeit Ja
Family Sharing Ja i
Medium MP3
Sprecher Marc-Uwe Kling
Spieldauer 121 Minuten
Erscheinungsdatum 13.05.2016
Verlag Verlag Voland & Quist
Format & Qualität MP3, 121 Minuten
Fassung gekürzt
Hörtyp Lesung
Übersetzer Sarah Cossaboon, Paul-Henri Campbell
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9783863911553


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  • The Kangaroo Chronicles - Best Of

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  • The Kangaroo Chronicles - Best Of

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    • The Kangaroo Chronicles - Best Of
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