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1636: Mission to the Mughals, Volume 23

Ring of Fire Band 23

Eric Flint, Griffin Barber

Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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-The United States of Europe, the new nation formed by an alliance between Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus and the West Virginians hurled back in time, need a reliable source of opiates for those wounded in action, as well as other goods not available in Europe. USE prime minister Mike Stearns sends a mission to the Mughal Empire of India with the aim of securing a trade deal with the emperor, Shah Jahan. Consisting of both up-timers and down-timers they arrive to find a grieving emperor obsessed with building the Taj Mahal, the emperor's sons plotting against each other and a war brewing with the newly risen Sikh faith. In the midst of all this they find an ally: brilliant Jahanara Begum, eldest daughter of Shah Jahan and a power in her own right. She wishes to learn more of these women who are free in a way she can scarcely comprehend---

Eric Flint
 is a modern master of alternate history fiction, with three million books in print. He’s the author/creator of the multiple 
New York Times best-selling Ring of Fire series, starting with first novel 
1632. With David Drake he has written six popular novels in the “Belisarius” alternate Roman history series, and with David Weber he has collaborated on 
1633 and 
1634: The Baltic War,
 as well as four novels in Weber's Honorverse series.
 Flint was for many years a labor union activist. He lives near Chicago, Illinois.

Griffin Barber spent his youth in four different countries, learning three languages, and burning all his bridges. Finally settled in Northern California with a day job as a police officer in a major metropolitan department, he lives the good life with his lovely wife, crazy-smart daughter, needy dog, and indifferent cat.  He is the author, with Eric Flint, of
1636: Mission to the Mughals.


Einband gebundene Ausgabe
Seitenzahl 432
Erscheinungsdatum 04.04.2017
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-4767-8214-0
Verlag Simon & Schuster N.Y.
Maße (L/B/H) 23.6/15.7/3.3 cm
Gewicht 612 g

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