Himalayan Melodist : Let The Himalayas Croon

Himalayan Melodist : Let the Himalayas croon

is the literary work of 2 Years 11 month and 11 Days By Kapil Dev Singh Rawat

I started picturing my thoughts and imagination on paper to Let go of Stress , Negativity and emotional pain

Sometimes writing is the most compassionate choice

Age is the number which keep increasing but at somepoint we want to look back to our origin .

This show me to title my work as

Himalayan Melodist : Let The Himalayas Croon the book is divided into 9 Chapters helps you to calm your mind Without sitting to Meditate

Make you fall in love , dream more and follow your gut instinct



The Guy who is from Himalayas and published his first three books using the Himalayas in every title .

1. Haiku From Himalayas : With love

2. Riskyism : Call of Himalayas

3. Himalayan Melodist : let The Himalayas croon.

Kapil Dev Singh Rawat Holds engineering degree in electronics and communication which means he is electrifying but do not perform in IT companies and self proclaimed psuedo buddhist.

He is architect/painter of dreams, A semi retired real life hero and Half Monk .

A bad comedian and saint of second city who writes whatever he wants to write.

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