Psychology and Policing

Neil Wilson, Carlene Brewer

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"...the most scholarly treatment of a topic that affects and concerns us all."—Personnel Psychology"A collection of 16 previously unpublished papers examines the contributions of psychological theory and research to policing."—Criminal Justice Abstracts"A glance through the contents page of Psychology and Policing indicates immediately the breadth of opportunity that police work offers to psychologists....I enjoyed reading Psychology and Policing, and consider that it succeeds in making a valuable contribution both to policing and to occupational psychology. I would strongly recommend it to any psychologist working with the police service, and certain chapters are worth reading by any psychologist interested in organizations."—Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology


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Erscheinungsdatum 26.08.2016
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ISBN 978-1-138-98411-0
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  • Contents: Foreword. Preface. Part I: Psychology and Operational Policing. C. Wilson, H. Braithwaite, Police Patroling, Resistance, and Conflict Resolution. B. Fildes, Driver Behavior and Road Safety. M.R. Gottfredson, M. Polakowski, Determinants and Prevention of Criminal Behavior. R.P. Fisher, M.R. McCauley, Information Retrieval: Interviewing Witnesses. N.W. Bond, K.M. McConkey, Information Retrieval: Reconstructing Faces. D.M. Thomson, Eyewitness Testimony and Identification Tests. W.G. Iacono, Offender Testimony: Detection of Deception and Guilty Knowledge. Part II: Psychology and Organizational Functioning. M.A. Gowan, R.D. Gatewood, Personnel Selection. K.R. Murphy, Integrity Testing. M.J. Lawson, Instruction and Training. J.S. Kane, H.J. Bernardin, M. Wiatrowski, Performance Appraisal. N. Brewer, Leadership and Supervision. G.E. O'Brien, Group Performance and Decision Making. A. Wedderburn, Shiftwork. A.M. O'Leary-Kelly, R.W. Griffin, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment. N. Brewer, C. Wilson, H. Braithwaite, Psychological Research and Policing.