The Woodlanders (Unabridged)

Thomas Hardy

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The Woodlanders is vintage Hardy. The story revolves around the young woman Grace Melbury, who returns to the leafy world of Little Hintock and soon finds herself at the center of a number of tragic events. In penetrating, incisive, and beautiful prose, Hardy tells a moving tale of unrequited love as fate and the constraints of society thwart the happiness of our heroine. The leafy world of Blackmoor Vale and the hamlet of Little Hintock are all lovingly described by Hardy, who named The Woodlanders as the favorite of all his novels; upon re-reading it 25 years after its publication, he claimed, with certainty, it was the book he liked "best of all".


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Sprecher Stephen Thorne
Spieldauer 859 Minuten
Erscheinungsdatum 01.09.2014
Verlag Naxos AudioBooks
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Sprache Englisch
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  • The Woodlanders (Unabridged)

    The Woodlanders (Unabridged)