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The Art of Scrum

How Scrum Masters Bind Dev Teams and Unleash Agility

Dave McKenna

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Learn the nuts and bolts of scrum—its framework, roles, team structures, ceremonies, and artifacts—from the scrum master’s perspective.

The Art of Scrum details the scum master’s responsibilities and core functions in planning and facilitating the ceremonies and artifacts of a scrum team: sprint planning, sprint execution, backlog refinement, daily standups, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospectives. It analyzes the scrum master’s interactions with other scrum roles, including the product owner, development team members, other scrum masters, and the agile coach. 

Scrum Master Dave McKenna catalogs the three skill sets that you must master to be successful at binding teams and unleashing agility: soft skills, technical skills, and contingency skills. You’ll benefit from the author’s examination of these skill sets with insights and anecdotes drawn from his own experience as an engineer, agile coach, and scrum master. He illustrates common mistakes scrum masters make, as well as modeling successful strategies, adaptations to changes, and solutions to tricky problems.

What You'll Learn:

  • How scrum masters facilitate the agile ceremonies

  • How scrum masters align scrum teams to sprint goals and shield them from interference

  • How scrum masters coach product owners to build a backlog and refine user stories

  • How scrum masters manage contingencies such as intra-team conflicts, organizational impediments, technical debt, emergent architecture, personnel changes, scope creep, and learning from failure.

Who This Book Is For:

The primary readership is scrum masters, product owners, and dev team members. The secondary readership is scrum stakeholders, including executive sponsors, project managers, functional and line managers, administrative personnel, expert consultants, testers, vendors, and end users. The tertiary readership is anybody who wants to know how build an agile team that consistently delivers value and continuous improvement.

Dave McKenna is a certified ScrumMaster and Agile Coach who has worked in the information technology field for more than 20 years. A United States Air Force veteran who started his career in IT unboxing IBM and Apple computers in a Computerland store, McKenna eventually became a Novell Certified Network Engineer and worked his way into a Sustaining Engineer position at CA Technologies. In 2009 he began his ScrumMaster journey which continues today.


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  • Part I: Scrum: Overview

    Chapter 1: Agile Principles

    Chapter 2: The Scrum Framework

    Chapter 3: Agile Roles

    Chapter 4: Scrum Team Structures

    Chapter 5: Scrum Ceremonies and Artifacts

    Part II: Scrum: The Scrum Master’s Perspective

    Chapter 6: The Scrum Master’s Responsibilities and Core Functions

    Chapter 7: The Scrum Master’s Interaction with Other Roles

    Part III: The Scrum Master’s Skill Sets<

    Chapter 8: Soft Skills of the Scrum Master

    Chapter 9: Technical Skills of the Scrum Master

    Chapter 10: Contingency Skills of the Scrum Master

    Chapter 11: Putting It All Together