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Womb Awakening

Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life

Azra Bertrand, Seren Bertrand

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The Ancients lived by a feminine cosmology of creation, where everything was birthed and dissolved through a sacred universal Womb. Within each of us, whether female or male, lies a holographic blueprint of this Womb of Creation, connecting us to the Web of Life. By awakening your spiritual Womb, the holy of holies within the temple of your body, you can reconnect to the transformative energy of Womb Consciousness and reclaim your sacred powers of creation and love.

Revealing how we must reconnect with the Divine Feminine to rebirth the Divine Masculine and restore balance to our world, they show how, as we reawaken the powerful ancient path of the Womb Mysteries, we help return our world to harmony with the wild, untamed creative flows and cyclical rhythms of the cosmos.


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    Marriage of Your Inner Soulmates

    OUR BODY is a spiral energy vortex, into which we can magnetically draw the rich resources of the Cosmic Web, the Galactic Womb, the Earth Womb, and our own inner womb. After we absorb the spiral flows of their wisdom into our being, we can then reflect them back out to life as a pulsing, energetic breath of infinity.

    Prior to the creation of the Vedic chakra system, which most people today are familiar with, there existed an ancient Womb Religion chakra system based on the two principles of the Spiral and Sacred Duality, or Sacred Marriage.

    Rather than understanding the energy spirals within the body as a linear progression from base to top and back down again, the ancient Twin Spiral chakra system held the feminine wisdom of the spiral path--a dynamic, non-hierarchical, relational energy vortex within the body that functioned as a cosmic portal of union.

    The Twin Spiral chakra system is based on the sacred marriage of the relational twins within the body: upper half-lower half, masculine-feminine, right-left. The Twin Spiral system recognizes the perennial wisdom of “as above, so below.” What we see in the top half of the body is mirrored or reflected in the processes that happen below. What happens on the left is mirrored by the right, and what happens in the feminine realms is reflected by the parallel movements of the masculine realms. When the sacred dualities come together and work in harmony, an incredible and magical
    third results--a divine, cosmic child, whose birth is only made possible through their union.

    Heart-Womb Sacred Marriage The foundation of the Twin Spiral chakra system is the relationship of the heart and womb energy centers. They are linked together in Sacred Marriage, creating a gateway into infinity within the body--our twin stargate chakra. The Hopi tradition also speaks of the womb chakra, resting under the navel, as the most important energy center in the body. They describe it as the “Throne of the Creator,” which directs all our internal energies, both physical and energetic, and it is paired with a corresponding masculine “Doorway to the Creator” above.

    Both men and women have a powerful “womb” chakra--our center of movement, the foundation of our being, and the essence of our primal creativity. It is known by different names across the world, such as the
    hara in Japan (literally, belly, abdomen, or womb), or the “lower
    dan tien” in the Taoist traditions of China. This powerful chakra is equally important in all humans, whether there exists a physical womb or not. Women who have had a hysterectomy, likewise, still have access to the full magical gifts of their energetic womb center.

    When the Throne Room of the womb is united with the heart, the frequency of embodied love is birthed--a powerful love that can create new life upon the earth. The union of the heart and womb, perfectly balanced and centered in both love and power, allows for harmonic resonance with the universal forces. In this union cosmic Shakti rushes in and blooms open the flower of the body.

    But, if we were able to perceive the subtle energy bodies of most people today (both men and women), we would see an overdeveloped upper half and right side, and a withered lower half, especially on the left side. Our modern energy configurations reveal a species out of balance, ungrounded, and ready to topple over.

    Merging Your Inner Masculine/Feminine Twin

    1. Sit in a cross-legged position or lie down. Bring your awareness down inside your body, as if you are sinking into the deep darkness of inner space. Feel the black, velvet energy pulsing inside.

    2. Bring your attention to your right-hand side. Scan down energetically through the right side of your head, neck, shoulder, chest, ribs, hip, right ovary or testicle, right leg, knee, calf, finishing in your right foot. Observe and feel any physical or emotional sensations that come up--numbness, tenseness, tightness, pain, agitation, openness, joyfulness, tearfulness.

    3. Now move your attention to your left side. Starting with your left foot, scan your attention upward through your left calf, knee, thigh, hip, ovary or testicle, ribs, chest, shoulder, neck, finishing with the left side of your head. Observe and feel any sensations--numbness, tightness, heat, discomfort, grief, pain, anger, fear, constriction, pleasure, or tingling.

    4. Can you feel a noticeable difference in the type of energy on either side?

    5. Open a dialogue between the two sides. Ask what the relationship is. Ask where the separation has occurred. Ask what can be done to restore flow, communication, harmony, and union. For example, if the masculine side feels overwhelmed and exhausted, it can result in a feminine side that is painful, contracted, or suffering from physical neurosis. The healing for the left side would then include more rest and attention for the right side.

    Both men and women come into this world through a mother’s womb that is, to varying degrees, contracted, unhealed, and afraid. Thus our first and primary relationship with the feminine space is fractured--we do not trust life to hold us safe. We do not have the deep feeling that Earth is where we belong and where we can blossom.

    Throughout childhood we experience different emotional wounds in relationship with our mother and father. These wounds are mirrored back to us in adulthood through our relationships with lovers, friends, colleagues, and community.

    When we work with the body consciously, and connect to our Womb knowing, we can begin a much more graceful healing process. We are moving with the flow of life rather than fighting against it and churning up chaos in our life.