Princess Academy


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Number of Players: 3-4
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 60 minutes
Components: 4 Character boards, 13 Activity cards, 32 Personality Cards, 13 Treasure Cards, 16 Pawns, Score-board

Every girl wants to be a princess, right? Well, the kingdom needs one anyway, so the Princess Hero School was formed!

You are the newest recruits, who will spend the next four years in training to be the best young women you can be. Win the dance contest, befriend spooky ghosts, fight street gangs, or just get to class on time. Gain different bonuses as your personality grows, survive weird events like a message from the future, and find priceless treasure like the sword of dragon-slaying, or a cute dog.

Sometimes you'll want your friends' help, and sometimes you'll go it alone as you level up your character towards graduation. Will you be a brave knight, or a rich merchant? Or will you be the Queen?


Erscheinungsdatum 24.10.2017
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781472824097
Hersteller Bloomsbury Academic


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  • Playing Time: 60 minutes
    Players: 3-4
    Age: 14+

    Components (subject to change):
    4 Character boards
    13 Activity cards
    32 Personality Cards
    13 Treasure Cards
    16 Pawns