No Night So Long

Dionne Warwick

Hörbuch (CD)
Hörbuch (CD)
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Night So Long von 1980 wird als eines der besten Alben der legendären Soulsängerin Dionne Warwick gehandelt. Night So Long is the 1980 album by legendary soul singer Dionne Warwick, and the album has been highly regarded as one of Dionnes most amazing albums. The album, still to this day, continues to sound fresh and classy with elegant performances without being repetitious. The title song was and still is an instant classic. No Night So Long opens with the light and breezy Easy Love which sets the mood perfectly, before Dionne works her magic on the ballads When The World Runs Out Of Love and How You Once Loved Me. Her version of We Has This Time is superb as Warwick s voice iconic husky undertone continues, without taking away her amazing range, and ability to hold the long notes. And of course her biggest gift is the emotion with which she tackles all her songs. The whole album here is superb and a must for Dionne lovers, as well, as lovers of quality music.. Please Note: there were three additional songs from the No Night So Long sessions that did not make it onto the original album -"This Is What I've Wanted All My Life", "Now That The Feeling's Gone" and "Starting Tomorrow" this complete release now includes the previously mentioned tracks 2 versions (Piano Version /Full Mix) of "This Is What I've Wanted All My Life" plus "Now That The Feeling's Gone" and "Starting Tomorrow" 4 bonus tracks in total.


Medium CD
Erscheinungsdatum 04.05.2017
Verlag Alive Ag
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Sprache Deutsch
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