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Distant Star

Barbara Bickmore

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DISTANT STAR - a panoramic novel of the Chinese revolution, and the American journalist who lived and loved through its turbulent years ... a brave and beautiful woman whose life was touched by four very different men.

DISTANT STAR is an epic tale of passion in a land of rebellion.

DISTANT STAR takes place in China in 1923. A far cry from the exotic land Chloe Cavanaugh envisioned; but Chloe was married to the Chicago Times' most famous correspondent, and this squalid, teeming land was her new home.

DISTANT STAR tells the story of a strange, forbidden land and the courage of a woman whose enthusiasm and dedication lead her on an unforgettable odyssey of wonder, adventure, and love.

Heroines for the thinking woman, women who make a difference,

BARBARA BICKMORE wrote her first short story at seven and has been writing ever since. Her dream to become a published writer came true when EAST OF THE SUN was published in 1988. As her heroines grow they become women who make a difference and don't settle for living life the way society dictates. Readers will experience sorrow, pain, happiness, romance, love and will enjoy growing with the heroines as they rise to life's challenges.

BARBARA BICKMORE relates her writing career to living in a Fairy Tale - her Cinderella story has allowed her to travel all over the world and to experience life in different places and through different cultures. BARBARA BICKMORE once said, "Being a writer is the most difficult work I've ever done, because there is absolutely nothing and no one but me and my mind. It's scary, in fact petrifying because I'm always afraid maybe there's nothing there, no thoughts or words to put on a page. Yet the joy, and sometimes ecstasy, is that something comes, a book is created, and I get these marvelous feelings of pride and even astonishment that I wrote what I wrote. I'm still surprised that people pay to read what I write and think. It is a dream come true that all my books are on library shelves!"

BARBARA BICKMORE books have been translated into 16 languages and have been published in 22 countries. Women all over the world enjoy her stories and her heroines. BARBARA BICKMORE heroines are for the thinking woman, they are women who make a difference.

Welcome to the world of Barbara Bickmore!


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Erscheinungsdatum 10.01.2017
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781386891062
Verlag Barbara Bickmore
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