The Alibi

George Allan England

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George Allan England (1877-1936) was an explorer and author of, inter alia, five science fiction novels and over a dozen magazine serials and short stories from 1905 on; these appeared predominantly in Frank A. Munsey's magazines, where he was one of the more popular writers of the pre-1926 period, ranking as the closest rival in science fiction to Edgar Rice Burroughs. The Alibi first appeared as an All-Story Weeklyserial and was subsequently adapted as a silent film. In it, a young bank employee, falsely convicted of embezzlement, spends two years in Sing Sing before being cleared.

George Allan England (9 February 1877 - 26 June 1936) was an American writer and explorer, best known for his speculative

and science fiction. He attended Harvard University and later in life unsuccessfully ran for Governor of Maine. England was a

socialist and many of his works have socialist themes.

England was born in Nebraska.[1] He attended Harvard University, where he received Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) and Master of

Arts (M.A.) degrees.[1] In 1912 he stood for Governor of Maine as the socialist candidate.[1] In that election, he finished in

third place with 2,081 votes (1.47%).[2] England died in a hospital in New Hampshire, although there is a legend that he

disappeared on a treasure hunt.[1]

England's writing career took place mainly in New York and Maine.[1] Many of his works have a socialist theme.[1] Influences

on England's writing include H. G. Wells, Jack London and Algernon Blackwood.[3]

His short story, "The Thing from-'Outside'", which had originally appeared in Hugo Gernsback's magazine Science and

Invention, was reprinted in the first issue of the first science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, in April 1926.[4] The novel

The Air Trust (1915) is the story of a billionaire, Isaac Flint, who attempts to control the very air people breathe, and the

violent consequences of his ambition and greed. In the concluding chapter, Flint is described as one of "the most sinister and

cruel minds ever evolved upon this planet." [5]

England's trilogy, Darkness and Dawn (published in 1912, 1913 and 1914 as The Vacant World, Beyond the Great Oblivion

and Afterglow) tells the story of 2 modern people who awake a thousand years after the earth was devastated by a meteor.

They work to rebuild civilization. Richard A. Lupoff has noted that Darkness and Dawn contains "an unfortunate element of

racism" (the villains who menace the heroes are descended from African-Americans). [3]


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