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Healing Love Through the Tao

Cultivating Female Sexual Energy

Mantak Chia

Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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For thousands of years the sexual principles and techniques presented here were taught by Taoist masters in secret only to a small number of people (sworn to silence), in the royal courts and esoteric circles of China. This is the first book to make this ancient knowledge available to the West. The foundation of healing love is the cultivation, transformation, and circulation of sexual energy, known as jing.Jing energy is creative, generative energy that is vital for the development of chi(vital life-force energy) and shen(spiritual energy), which enables higher practices of spiritual development. Jing is produced in the sexual organs, and it is energy women lose continually through menstruation and child bearing. Mantak Chia teaches powerful techniques developed by Taoist masters for the conservation of jing and how it is used to revitalize women's physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Among the many benefits conferred by these practices are a reduction in the discomfort caused by menstruation and the ability to attain full-body orgasm.


Einband Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 288
Erscheinungsdatum 22.02.2005
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-59477-068-5
Verlag Simon & Schuster UK
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  • Acknowledgments

    Putting Healing Love into Practice

    1 A Taoist View of Women's Energy
    How We Use Energy
    Sexual Energy: A Creative Force
    Women's Sexual Energy and "Ovarian
    Kung Fu"
    The Three Levels of Sexual Energy
    The Goal of Taoist Meditation

    2 Women's Sexual Anatomy
    The Female Genital Organs
    The PC Muscle and Chi Muscle

    3 A Woman's Sexual Response Cycle
    The Nature of the Female Orgasm
    Depletion of Sexual Energy
    Organs' Orgasm: The True Orgasm
    Ovarian Kung Fu

    4 The Microcosmic Orbit
    Learning to Circulate Chi in the
    Microcosmic Orbit
    Sexual Energy Is Primordial Energy
    Opening the Microcosmic Energy

    5 Cultivating Ovarian Power
    Ovarian Breathing Cultivates Ovarian
    Single Cultivation Exercises
    Overview of the Ovarian Breathing
    Step-by-Step Guide to Ovarian
    Overview of the Ovarian Compression
    Step-by-Step Guide to Ovarian
    Venting Exercises for High Blood

    6 The Orgasmic Upward Draw
    A Way to Increase Sexual Potential
    Single and Dual Cultivation
    Overview of the Orgasmic Draw
    Preparing for Practice
    Practicing in an Aroused State
    The Importance of Virtue Energy
    Raising Organ and Gland Chi
    How to Massage the Breasts
    Step-by-Step Guide to the Orgasmic
    Characteristics of the Organs
    Step-by-Step Guide to Organs' Orgasm
    Safety Points for Ovarian Breathing,
    Ovarian Compression, and the
    Orgasmic Draw

    7 Egg Exercises to Increase Sexual Energy
    Overview of the Egg Exercises
    Using the Egg
    Step-by-Step Guide to the Egg
    Using the Egg during Ovarian Breathing
    and the Orgasmic Draw
    Introduction to Vaginal Weight Lifting
    Step-by-Step Guide to Vaginal Weight
    Special Recipes to Tone the Ovaries

    8 Dual Cultivation
    Valley Orgasm and How to Get There
    Positions and Hand Gestures for
    Healing Love
    Step-By-Step Practice to Balance and
    Harmonize the Whole System
    Introduction to Valley Orgasm
    Transforming Sexual Energy into
    Spiritual Love
    Step-by-Step Guide to Valley Orgasm
    Cultivating the Valley Orgasm
    Helpful Hints

    9 Interview with an Ovarian Kung Fu Practitioner


    About the Author

    The Universal Tao System and Training Center