Policy Entrepreneurship in Education

Engagement, Influence and Impact

James Arthur

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‘This excellent book is not about entrepreneurship in the narrow sense it has been accorded in critiques of the neoliberal university. James Arthur adopts an inclusive definition of policy entrepreneurship and provides us with a wide-ranging exploration of the possibilities and problems of developing a close relationship between research and policy in education. Unlike so much fashionable rhetoric about the advent of ‘evidence-based policy’, his book recognises just how complex and complicated that relationship actually is and helps us to understand why that is the case. Yet it also offers some helpful guidance to academics who seek to be more entrepreneurial and includes some useful case studies of more and less successful attempts to link research and policy in the field of education. The book ends with a fascinating account of the author’s own attempts to negotiate that terrain.’ - Professor Geoff Whitty, Director Emeritus, UCL Institute of Education ‘I thoroughly recommend this excellent book, which not only clarifies the nature of policy entrepreneurship but offers practical lessons to others who would seek to emulate the impact created by Professor Arthur and the Jubilee Centre.’ - Lord James O’Shaughnessy, Former Director of Policy, 10 Downing Street.


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  • Acknowledgements Preface Introduction 1. The Influence and Impact of Academics 2. Policy Entrepreneurship 3. What do Policy Entrepreneurs Do? 4. Case Studies of Entrepreneurship in Education 5. Bridging Research and Policy: The Case Study of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues Conclusion References