New Scotland, New Politics?

Lindsay Paterson, Alice Brown, John Curtice

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What are Scots' expectations of their new Parliament? What influenced them when they were casting their votes in the first elections? What social policies do they want the Parliament to pursue? How do they see the future of Scotland's relationship with the rest of the UK and the rest of Europe? And how does the country's new constitutional status relate to people's sense of national identity?

This book analyzes Scotland's first parliamentary election in May 1999. Written by the leading authorities on Scottish politics and society, it provides a definitive account of social and political attitudes in Scotland at the beginning of the new parliamentary democracy, and at a time when Scotland's relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom is undergoing radical change.

Lindsay Paterson is Professor of Educational Policy at the University of Edinburgh. He has published widely on the expansion and purposes of higher education, on social mobility, on the relationship between education and civic values, on the twentieth-century history of Scottish education, and on Scottish politics. He is a Fellow of the British Academy and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

> (Macmillan, 1999) and Politics and Society in Scotland (Macmillan 1996; 1998).

John Curtice is a Professor of Politics and Director of the Social Statistics Laboratory at Strathclyde University, and Research Consultant to the Scottish Centre for Social Research. He is a regular commentator in the Scottish and British media. Publications include The Rise of New Labour, (with Heath, A. & Jowell, R.) (Oxford University Press, 2001) and New Scotland, New Politics? (with Paterson, L., Brown, A., Hinds, K., McCrone, D., Park, A., Sproston, K., & Surridge, P.) (Polygon, 2001).

Kerstin Hinds is Senior Researcher, National Centre for Social Research. Co-author of Women's Social Attitudes (Cabinet Office, 2000), Trends in Attitudes to Health Care (National Centre, 2000) and New Scotland, New Politics (Polygon at Edinburgh, 2001).


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  • 1. Introduction; 2. The Scottish Parliamentary Election of 2000; 3. May 6 1999: An Election in Scotland or a Scottish Election?; 4. Changing Voters: The Social and Ideological Basis of Voting Behaviour; 5. New System, New Voters?; 6. Has Devolution Saved the Union?; 7. The Politics of National Identity; 8. The Politics of Social Welfare; 9. Education and Civic Identity; 10. Conclusion: The Future of Scottish Politics.