Coping W/intl Conflict

Roger Fisher, Andrea Kupfer Schneider, Elizabeth Borgwardt

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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This text combines the clear, concise, proven principles and practice of conflict management from Fisher's bestseller "Getting to Yes" with the newest problem-solving approaches to international relations. Many of the concepts presented grew out of materials Fisher and his colleagues use in their international consulting work to teach problem-solving and conflict management skills to diplomats and heads of state involved in contentious international disputes. Exercises, applications, examples, readings, and anecdotes guide readers through the processes of diagnosing and prescribing approaches to real-world conflicts.


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  • I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Negotiation in the Context of International Conflict. 2. Thinking Like an Activist. II. UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM. 3. Case Study -The Middle East. 4. Understanding Partisan Perceptions. 5. The Decision from the Other Side's Point of View. 6. The View from the Bureaucracy. III. UNDERSTANDING THE TASK. 7. Case Study on Arms Control - The Antiballistic Missile Treaty. 8. Understanding the Human Dimension. 9. Building a Productive Framework for Negotiation. 10. Solving the Inventing Problem. 11. Defining Our Purpose and Strategy. IV. PUTTING IDEAS TO WORK. 12. Case Study - The Bombing Campaign in Vietnam. 13. Analyzing Threats and Sanctions. 14. Changing the Demand. 15. Legitimacy and International Law. 16. Selecting a Point of Choice. 17. Finding a "Yesable" Proposition. Index