How to Design and Report Experiments

Andy Field, Graham J. Hole

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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  • How to Design and Report Experiments

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`I strongly recommend this book. The all-important steps of defining the research question and choosing an appropriate method are clearly written by these experienced authors and by doing so provide a framework, which if followed, would avoid many of the common difficulties encountered by those in training. The book is a succinct, clear, and readable treatise on this extremely important area. It should prove to be invaluable to researchers, practicing social scientists, students and anyone involved in the design and reporting of experiments' - Social Psychological Review

How to Design and Report Experiments is the perfect textbook and guide to the often bewildering world of experimental design and statistics. It provides a complete map of the entire process beginning with how to get ideas about research, how to refine your research question and the actual design of the experiment, leading on to statistical procedure and assistance with writing up of results.

While many books look at the fundamentals of doing successful experiments and include good coverage of statistical techniques, this book very importantly considers the process in chronological order with specific attention given to effective design in the context of likely methods needed and expected results. Without full assessment of these aspects, the experience and results may not end up being as positive as one might have hoped. Ample coverage is then also provided of statistical data analysis, a hazardous journey in itself, and the reporting of findings, with numerous examples and helpful tips of common downfalls throughout.

Combining light humour, empathy with solid practical guidance to ensure a positive experience overall, Designing and Reporting Experiments will be essential reading for students in psychology and those in cognate disciplines with an experimental focus or content in research methods courses.


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    Before You Begin
    Planning an Experiment
    Experimental Designs
    Descriptive Statistics
    Inferential Statistics
    Parametric Tests
    Non-parametric Tests
    Choosing a Statistical Test
    A Quick Guide to Writing a Psychology Lab-Report
    General Points When Writing a Report
    Answering the Question `Why?'
    The Introduction Section
    Answering the Question `How?'
    The Method Section
    Answering the Question `What Did I Find?'
    The Results Section
    Answering the Question `So What?'
    The Discussion Section
    Title, Abstract, Reference and Formatting
    Example of an Experimental Write-Up