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Pardeck, J: Children's Rights

Policy and Practice, Second Edition

Jean A. Pardeck

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Children have a basic human right to be free of abuse and maltreatment. The late Dr. John Pardeck's Children's Rights: Policy and Practice comprehensively explores the legal, psychological, sociological, policy, and child advocacy issues dealing with children's rights. This new edition of The Haworth Social Work Practice Press classic discusses the practical and ethical issues inherent in balancing a child's right to self-determination against the same child's need to be protected. This valuable resource includes over 100 pages of new and updated material, extensive references and notes, a helpful list of Web sites, and a comprehensive glossary of influential legal rulings focusing on children's rights.


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Erscheinungsdatum 01.05.2006
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ISBN 978-0-7890-2812-9
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  • Foreword (Peter De Simone) Preface Chapter 1. The Childrens Rights Movement Child Maltreatment and Childrens Rights Foster Care and Adoption Welfare Reform and Childrens Rights Litigation and Childrens Rights Important Child Welfare Policies Affecting Childrens Rights Child Advocates Summary and Conclusion Chapter 2. The Rights of Parents and Children Dangers of State Interference Justifying State Intervention Minority Status of Children The Legal Rights of Children and Parents Child Liberationists versus Child Protectionists U. S. Supreme Court Rulings Defining the Rights of Parents and Children Summary and Conclusion Chapter 3. The Rights of Able Children and Children with Disabilities in Schools The Rights of Children in Public schools Child Maltreatment Prevention and the Schools Children with Disabilities and School Rights Recent Supreme Court Rulings on the ADA Affecting Childrens Rights Comparison of the ADA and IDEA No Child Left Behind Act Summary and Conclusion Chapter 4. The Rights of Able Children and Children with Disabilities in Day Care Programs The Day Care System Day Care and Children with Disabilities Complaints and Enforcement of the ADA Children with Disabilities and Admissions to Day Care Research on the Effects of Day Care on Children Policy Implications Summary and Conclusion Chapter 5. Childrens Rights and Residential Treatment (Patrick Morgan) A Brief History of Residential Treatment and the Juvenile Court Childrens Rights in Institutional Settings Summary and Conclusion Chapter 6. Childrens Rights and Protective Services Child Maltreatment Maltreatment of Homeless Children: An Analysis of the Adult Years Separation and Loss Protective Services The Court and Protective Services Summary and Conclusion Chapter 7. Advocacy and Childrens Rights Approaches to Advocacy Effective Advocacy Skills for Parents Litigation and Child Advocacy Family Policy and Child Advocacy Professionals and Child Advocacy A Case Example: Gary Application of Advocacy Techniques to Garys Case Summary and Conclusion Chapter 8. Childrens Rights: Implications for Policy and Practice Family Policy Social Work Practice and Children Family Health and Children Family Health and Bibliotherapy Family Health and Clinical Assessment Summary and Conclusion Appendix. Organizations Focusing on Childrens Rights Glossary References Index