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SAI Box Set I: Whirlwind & Tempest


Whirlwind and Tempest from the highly acclaimed Security Alliance International Series are included in this set.

Security Alliance International is a security firm that is owned and operated by retired SEALs. It is made up of elite warriors culled from some of the most revered military forces. Every operator has impeccable ethics and doesn't quit until the job is done.


Sara Montgomery is being targeted by one of the United States' most feared organized crime groups.  What options does she have when the Outfit decides they want to bring her in? Will the FBI provide enough protection or will she need more?

Grady Merrick is a partner in the Florida office of SAI and discovers the threat and knows he has no choice but to protect his neighbor. His sexy, beautiful neighbor. This is one assignment he's going to enjoy.

Watch what happens when two people find themselves in the throes of a violent and destructive force.

Will they survive the events or be caught in the whirlwind?


Sparks fly and so do bullets

If you enjoy a fast-paced sexy adventure—filled with heat, heart and humor—come see what happens in the latest book in the highly acclaimed SAI series.

Ivy Bellows's life explodes when a family tragedy erupts, and she finds herself caught in a storm of powerful events. Can she handle it alone…or is it time to ask for help?

Retired Navy SEAL Ryan Cordell has spent his career protecting people, so when he discovers the woman he's falling for has been threatened, he acts immediately.

Will the violent commotion swirling around them pull them together or fling them apart?

Watch what happen when opposites don't just attract…but explode.

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