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The Sketchbook of Loish

Art in Progress

Lois van Baarle

Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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The popular artist Loish offers readers a closer look at her creative processes and preliminary work, featuring tips and advice on conveying character, movement and texture through methods digital and traditional. The result will appeal to budding artists and general followers of digital art in equal measure.

3dtotal Publishing

3dtotal was founded in 1999 as a simple 3D resource website. Over the last decade the site has evolved into one of the premier CG art websites in the world, offering a variety of training products, an inspirational gallery, a free texture library and hundreds of free tutorials on a variety of subjects.

In 2006, 3dtotal entered into partnership with Focal Press and launched the popular book series
Digital Art Masters and
Digital Painting Techniques. The premise for these books was to provide high quality content that would inspire and educate the next generation of digital artists. Featuring the work of top industry professionals, detailed tutorials and image breakdowns, these series have become firmly established as indispensable resources for any digital artist.

After five successful years working with Focal Press, 3dtotal Publishing was launched in early 2010. As well as self-publishing the next volumes in the pre-existing
Digital Art Masters and
Digital Painting Techniques series, 3dtotal Publishing has launched a number of new titles including:
Sketching from the Imagination,
Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop and
ZBrush Characters and Creatures.

Lois van Baarle

Lois has been drawing since the day she could hold a pencil, and started teaching herself to draw digitally in 2003. Although she was born in Holland and has Dutch nationality, she has lived all over the world, including the United States, Indonesia, France and Belgium. Upon finishing high school in 2004, she studied animation in Ghent (Belgium) for a year and then moved back to her home country to study animation at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) in Hilversum. She is currently a freelance illustrator and animator located in Utrecht (the Netherlands).


Einband gebundene Ausgabe
Herausgeber 3dtotal Publishing
Seitenzahl 149
Erscheinungsdatum 03.04.2018
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-909414-54-9
Verlag Ingram Publisher Services
Maße (L/B/H) 26.6/26.3/2.5 cm
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