Pixel-Art Game.The Milkmaid

Understanding art while playing! Experience several games and create your own masterpiece!

Vanessa Catalano

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Fr. 31.90
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Pixel-Art Game allows you to zoom into Dutch
Masterpieces. Match the original image with its
pixelated copies by zooming into Van Gogh’s
famous Café Terrace at Night or Vermeer’s
famous The Milkmaid. The painter’s colour and
use of light are emphasised through the pixels
of the digitalised image, taking art into our contemporary
digital language.
With light packaging, perfect to take along with
you, the Pixel-Art Game offers several games
in one set. Each of these 3 games is a step
towards understanding the artwork better, and
they can be played with multiple players.
3 games in 1 box: puzzle, pixelized
puzzle and memory


Erscheinungsdatum 15.05.2018
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9789063694814
Hersteller BIS Publishers bv
Maße (L/B/H) 13.3/6.8/2.8 cm
Gewicht 144 g


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