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Heinkel He 177 Units of World War 2

Robert Forsyth

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  • Heinkel He 177 Units of World War 2

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In many ways, the Heinkel He 177 'Greif' (Griffon) was Nazi Germany's 'lost' strategic bomber. With some fundamental creases ironed out, and built in large numbers, the He 177 would have offered the Luftwaffe the means with which to carry out long-range, mass bombing attacks against targets of a strategic nature. Although competing interests and personalities served to prevent this from happening, from mid-1943 the aircraft nevertheless saw service over England, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and in Russia. The He 177 flew to the end of the war, with some machines undertaking extremely hazardous low-level missions against Soviet armour in Poland in late 1944-45.

This fascinating book, filled with detailed artwork and contemporary photographs, tells the story of this aircraft, including the political infighting at the top of the Luftwaffe's hierarchy that stymied its development, its radical technical design and its state-of-the-art weaponry.

Robert Forsyth has studied the history and operations of the Luftwaffe for many years. He has written a number of books for Osprey, including
Jagdverband 44 and
Jagdgeschwader 7 'Notwony' (Aviation Elite Units series),
Fw 190 Sturmboche vs B-17 Flying Fortress (Duel),
Aces of the Legion Condor and
Luftwaffe Viermot Aces 1942-45 (Aircraft of the Aces) and
Me 262 Bomber and Reconnaissance Units (Combat Aircraft), and
Messerschmidt Me264 Amerika Bomber (X-Planes). He works in publishing, having founded
Classic Publications and the imprint
Tattered Flag. He lives in East Sussex, UK.
Jim Laurier is a native of New England and lives in New Hampshire. He attended Paier School of Art in Hamden, Connecticut, from 1974-78, and since graduating with Honours, he has been working professionally in the field of Fine Art and Illustration. He has been commissioned to paint for the US Air Force and has aviation paintings on permanent display at the Pentagon.


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Erscheinungsdatum 26.07.2018
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-4728-2039-6
Reihe Combat Aircraft
Verlag KNV Besorgung
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Illustrator Jim Laurier


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