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Total Bicycling Manual

301 Tips for Two-Wheeled Fun

Robert F. James, Bicycle Times Magazine

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Erscheinungsdatum 01.07.2018
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  • 236 Change Your Fork

    Swapping out forks is a pretty easy item on newer-model bikes which use a threadless fork and stem.

    STEP 1 Start by removing the wheel, then disconnect the rim brake by removing the cable from one end. There is no need to cut the cable.

    STEP 2 To remove the brake assembly, just loosen the hex bolt(s) and slip the bolt and brake mechanism off the mount. There is no need to detach the cable, which makes this process a whole lot easier. With disc brakes, the assembly is attached near the axle of your wheel. The hex bolts mounting the mechanism to the fork are just as easy to remove.

    STEP 3 If you aren’t swapping out stems, you can leave your bars attached to the front of the stem while you remove the fork. Go ahead and loosen the hex bolt that secures the top cap to your headset. Remember that this bolt isn’t under a ton of pressure.

    STEP 4 Finally, loosen the bolts holding the stem to the steerer tube and slide the stem and any spacers up and off. At this point, you should be able to slide the entire fork from the headset by just pulling it down. To install the new fork, just perform the steps above in reverse order.