Communications and Multimedia Security. Advanced Techniques for Network and Data Protection

7th IFIP TC-6 TC-11 International Conference, CMS 2003, Torino, Italy, October 2-3, 2003, Proceedings

Lecture Notes in Computer Science Band 2828

Antonio Lioy, Daniele Mazzocchi

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The Communications and Multimedia Security conference (CMS 2003) was - ganized in Torino, Italy, on October 2-3, 2003. CMS 2003 was the seventh IFIP working conference on communications and multimedia security since 1995. - search issues and practical experiences were the topics of interest, with a special focus on the security of advanced technologies, such as wireless and multimedia communications. The book Advanced Communications and Multimedia Security contains the 21 articles that were selected by the conference program committee for p- sentation at CMS 2003. The articles address new ideas and experimental eval- tion in several ?elds related to communications and multimedia security, such as cryptography, network security, multimedia data protection, application se- rity, trust management and user privacy. We think that they will be of interest not only to the conference attendees but also to the general public of researchers in the security ?eld. We wish to thank all the participants, organizers, and contributors of the CMS 2003 conference for having made it a success. October 2003 Antonio Lioy GeneralChairofCMS2003 Daniele Mazzocchi ProgramChairofCMS2003 VI Organization CMS 2003 was organized by the TORSEC Computer and Network Security Group of the Dipartimento di Automatica ed Informatica at the Politecnico di Torino, in cooperation with the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella.


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  • Cryptography.- Computation of Cryptographic Keys from Face Biometrics.- AUTHMAC_DH: A New Protocol for Authentication and Key Distribution.- Multipoint-to-Multipoint Secure-Messaging with Threshold-Regulated Authorisation and Sabotage Detection.- Network Security.- Securing the Border Gateway Protocol: A Status Update.- Towards an IPv6-Based Security Framework for Distributed Storage Resources.- Operational Characteristics of an Automated Intrusion Response System.- Mobile and Wireless Network Security.- A Secure Multimedia System in Emerging Wireless Home Networks.- Java Obfuscation with a Theoretical Basis for Building Secure Mobile Agents.- A Security Scheme for Mobile Agent Platforms in Large-Scale Systems.- Trust and Privacy.- Privacy and Trust in Distributed Networks.- Extending the SDSI / SPKI Model through Federation Webs.- Trust- : An XML Framework for Trust Negotiations.- Application Security.- How to Specify Security Services: A Practical Approach.- Application Level Smart Card Support through Networked Mobile Devices.- Flexibly-Configurable and Computation-Efficient Digital Cash with Polynomial-Thresholded Coinage.- Multimedia Security.- Selective Encryption of the JPEG2000 Bitstream.- Robust Spatial Data Hiding for Color Images.- Watermark Security via Secret Wavelet Packet Subband Structures.- A Robust Audio Watermarking Scheme Based on MPEG 1 Layer 3 Compression.- Loss-Tolerant Stream Authentication via Configurable Integration of One-Time Signatures and Hash-Graphs.- Confidential Transmission of Lossless Visual Data: Experimental Modelling and Optimization.