Algorithms - ESA 2003

11th Annual European Symposium, Budapest, Hungary, September 16-19, 2003, Proceedings

Lecture Notes in Computer Science Band 2832

Giuseppe Di Battista, Uri Zwick

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Thisvolumecontainsthe66contributedpapersandabstractsofthethreeinvited lecturespresentedatthe11thAnnualEuropeanSymposiumonAlgorithms(ESA 2003), held in Budapest, September 16 19, 2003. The papers in each section of the proceedings are arranged alphabetically. The three distinguished invited speakers were Bernard Chazelle, Roberto Tamassia, and Eva Tardos. Forthesecondtime,ESAhadtwotracks,withseparateprogramcommittees, which dealt respectively with: The design and mathematical analysis of algorithms (the Design and Analysis track); Real-world applications, engineering, and experimental analysis of al- rithms (the Engineering and Applications track). Previous ESAs were held at Bad Honnef, Germany (1993); Utrecht, The Neth- lands (1994); Corfu, Greece (1995); Barcelona, Spain (1996); Graz, Austria (1997); Venice, Italy (1998); Prague, Czech Republic (1999); Saarbruc ken, Ger- ? many (2000); Arhus, Denmark (2001), and Rome, Italy (2002). The predecessor to the Engineering and Applications track of ESA was the annual Workshop on Algorithm Engineering (WAE). Previous WAEs were held in Venice, Italy (1997), Saarbruc ken, Germany (1998), London, UK (1999), Saarbruc ken, Ger- ? many (2000), Arhus, Denmark (2001), and Rome, Italy (2002) . The proceedings of the previous ESAs were published as Springer-Verlag s LNCS volumes 726, 855, 979, 1284, 1461, 1643, 1879, 2161, and 2461. The p- ceedings of the WAEs from 1999 onwards were published as Springer-Verlag s LNCS volumes 1668, 1982, and 2141.


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  • Invited Lectures.- Sublinear Computing.- Authenticated Data Structures.- Approximation Algorithms and Network Games.- Contributed Papers: Design and Analysis Track.- I/O-Efficient Structures for Orthogonal Range-Max and Stabbing-Max Queries.- Line System Design and a Generalized Coloring Problem.- Lagrangian Relaxation for the k-Median Problem: New Insights and Continuity Properties.- Scheduling for Flow-Time with Admission Control.- On Approximating a Geometric Prize-Collecting Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows.- Semi-clairvoyant Scheduling.- Algorithms for Graph Rigidity and Scene Analysis.- Optimal Dynamic Video-on-Demand Using Adaptive Broadcasting.- Multi-player and Multi-round Auctions with Severely Bounded Communication.- Network Lifetime and Power Assignment in ad hoc Wireless Networks.- Disjoint Unit Spheres admit at Most Two Line Transversals.- An Optimal Algorithm for the Maximum-Density Segment Problem.- Estimating Dominance Norms of Multiple Data Streams.- Smoothed Motion Complexity.- Kinetic Dictionaries: How to Shoot a Moving Target.- Deterministic Rendezvous in Graphs.- Fast Integer Programming in Fixed Dimension.- Correlation Clustering – Minimizing Disagreements on Arbitrary Weighted Graphs.- Dominating Sets and Local Treewidth.- Approximating Energy Efficient Paths in Wireless Multi-hop Networks.- Bandwidth Maximization in Multicasting.- Optimal Distance Labeling for Interval and Circular-Arc Graphs.- Improved Approximation of the Stable Marriage Problem.- Fast Algorithms for Computing the Smallest k-Enclosing Disc.- The Minimum Generalized Vertex Cover Problem.- An Approximation Algorithm for MAX-2-SAT with Cardinality Constraint.- On-Demand Broadcasting Under Deadline.- Improved Bounds for Finger Search on a RAM.- The Voronoi Diagram of Planar Convex Objects.- Buffer Overflows of Merging Streams.- Improved Competitive Guarantees for QoS Buffering.- On Generalized Gossiping and Broadcasting.- Approximating the Achromatic Number Problem on Bipartite Graphs.- Adversary Immune Leader Election in ad hoc Radio Networks.- Universal Facility Location.- A Method for Creating Near-Optimal Instances of a Certified Write-All Algorithm.- I/O-Efficient Undirected Shortest Paths.- On the Complexity of Approximating TSP with Neighborhoods and Related Problems.- A Lower Bound for Cake Cutting.- Ray Shooting and Stone Throwing.- Parameterized Tractability of Edge-Disjoint Paths on Directed Acyclic Graphs.- Binary Space Partition for Orthogonal Fat Rectangles.- Sequencing by Hybridization in Few Rounds.- Efficient Algorithms for the Ring Loading Problem with Demand Splitting.- Seventeen Lines and One-Hundred-and-One Points.- Jacobi Curves: Computing the Exact Topology of Arrangements of Non-singular Algebraic Curves.- Contributed Papers: Engineering and Application Track.- Streaming Geometric Optimization Using Graphics Hardware.- An Efficient Implementation of a Quasi-polynomial Algorithm for Generating Hypergraph Transversals.- Experiments on Graph Clustering Algorithms.- More Reliable Protein NMR Peak Assignment via Improved 2-Interval Scheduling.- The Minimum Shift Design Problem: Theory and Practice.- Loglog Counting of Large Cardinalities.- Packing a Trunk.- Fast Smallest-Enclosing-Ball Computation in High Dimensions.- Automated Generation of Search Tree Algorithms for Graph Modification Problems.- Boolean Operations on 3D Selective Nef Complexes: Data Structure, Algorithms, and Implementation.- Fleet Assignment with Connection Dependent Ground Times.- A Practical Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm Using the Cycle Property.- The Fractional Prize-Collecting Steiner Tree Problem on Trees.- Algorithms and Experiments for the Webgraph.- Finding Short Integral Cycle Bases for Cyclic Timetabling.- Slack Optimization of Timing-Critical Nets.- Multisampling: A New Approach to Uniform Sampling and Approximate Counting.- Multicommodity Flow Approximation Used for Exact Graph Partitioning.- A Linear Time Heuristic for the Branch-Decomposition of Planar Graphs.- Geometric Speed-Up Techniques for Finding Shortest Paths in Large Sparse Graphs.