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Supranational Cooperation and Integration

Goods and Services vs. Information

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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Supranational cooperations and economic and currency unions are top issues on the agenda. Questions about explicit and implicit financial equalization between member countries, industrial and infrastructure policies gain importance.

Globalization and the expanding information technologies will force reforms both in the EU and in the South American Mercosur. The discussion is organized under four headings: Financial Crises, inevitably connected to the advantages of global and liberalized financial markets. Consequences of Cooperation and Integration on the «old» industries with respect to economic fluctuations and intra-industry trade. Fundamental changes in Information Technologies affect the international capital mobility, the cost advantages of alternative locations, as well as academic teaching and learning. Consequences for Labor Markets of the structural transformation of «knowledge societies».

The Editor: Roland Eisen, born 1941, studies of economics in Stuttgart and Munich, diploma degree in 1965, doctoral degree in 1971 (thesis title: Technical Progress and Economic Growth), second doctoral degree (Habilitation) in 1977 (thesis title: Insurance Equilibrium). After a short stay at the University of Bamberg in 1978 and at the Technical University of Munich from 1981–1983, he has been Full Professor of Economics at the University Frankfurt a. M. He teaches Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Social Policy, Health Economics, and Distribution Theory.


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  • Contents: Marta Podzun de Buraschi: Unequal Transmission of Financial Crises in MERCOSUR – Malcolm H. Dunn: The Asian Financial Crisis - Causes and Consequences – Amaury Gremaud/Márcio Bobik Braga: Experiences in Exchange Rate Policies in Latin America in the 90s: History and Perspectives – Dante M. Aldrighi: Is Globalisation Sapping the Stakeholder Model of Corporate Governance? – Roberto Macedo: Privatization and the Distribution of Assets and Income in Brazil – Alejandro D. Jacobo: Some Empirical Evidence on the Macroeconomic Behavior of MERCOSUR Countries – Hebe G. Morales de Marega: Intra-Industry Trade between MERCOSUR, the European Union (EU) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – Hada G. Juárez de Perona: Competitiveness and External Trade Performance – María Luisa Recalde/Michaela Kuhl: The Environmental Problems of Agriculture - European Union and MERCOSUR Experiences – Rinaldo A. Colomé: Telecommunications Market - Regulation for Competition in Argentina and Brazil – Kirsten Lenz: Modeling Interorganizational Workflows for International Cooperation – Ulrich Peter Ritter: From the Internet-University to E-Commerce and to the University of the Future – Alberto Díaz Cafferata/Alberto Figueras/Ricardo Descalzi: Integration and Regional Restructuring – Roland Eisen/André Kolodziejak/Dimitrios Gotsis: Regional Unemployment in Germany: High Rates and Persistence of Differences – Mariana de Santis: Teachers and their Salaries in Argentina and Brazil: Does the Market Matter? – Maria Cristina Cacciamali: Labor Reform and Adjustment of the Labor Market in Brazil and Argentina.