DR. THORNDYKE MYSTERIES – Complete Collection: 21 Novels & 40 Short Stories (Illustrated)

The Red Thumb Mark, The Eye of Osiris, A Silent Witness, The Cat's Eye, The Shadow of the Wolf, The D'Arblay Mystery, As a Thief in the Night, The Puzzle Lock, The Magic Casket and many more

This carefully crafted ebook: "DR. THORNDYKE MYSTERIES – Complete Collection: 21 Novels & 40 Short Stories (Illustrated)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
Dr. John Thorndyke is a medical jurispractitioner, originally a medical doctor, he turned to the bar and became one of the first, in modern parlance, forensic scientists. His solutions are based on his method of collecting all possible data (including dust and pond weed) and making inferences from them before looking at any of the protagonists and motives in the crimes.
Table of Contents:
Meet Dr. Thorndyke
The Red Thumb Mark
The Eye of Osiris
The Mystery of 31 New Inn
A Silent Witness
Helen Vardon's Confession
The Cat's Eye
The Mystery of Angelina Frood
The Shadow of the Wolf
The D'Arblay Mystery
A Certain Dr. Thorndyke
As a Thief in the Night
Mr. Pottermack's Oversight
Pontifex, Son and Thorndyke
When Rogues Fall Out
Dr. Thorndyke Intervenes
For the Defence: Dr. Thorndyke
The Penrose Mystery
Felo De Se?
The Stoneware Monkey
Mr. Polton Explains
The Jacob Street Mystery
Short Stories
Percival Bland's Proxy
The Missing Mortgagee
The Man with the Nailed Shoes
The Stranger's Latchkey
The Anthropologist at Large
The Blue Sequin
The Moabite Cipher
The Mandarin's Pearl
The Aluminium Dagger
A Message from the Deep Sea
The Case of Oscar Brodski
A Case of Premeditation
The Echo of a Mutiny
A Wastrel's Romance
The Old Lag
The Case of the White Footprints
The Blue Scarab
The New Jersey Sphinx
The Touchstone
A Fisher of Men
The Stolen Ingots
The Funeral Pyre
The Puzzle Lock
The Green Check Jacket
The Seal of Nebuchadnezzar
Phyllis Annesley's Peril
A Sower of Pestilence
Rex v. Burnaby
A Mystery of the Sand-Hills
The Apparition of Burling Court
The Mysterious Visitor
The Magic Casket
The Contents of a Mare's Nest
The Stalking Horse
The Naturalist at Law
Mr. Ponting's Alibi
Pandora's Box
The Trail of Behemoth
… weiterlesen



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DR. THORNDYKE MYSTERIES – Complete Collection: 21 Novels & 40 Short Stories (Illustrated) - R. Austin Freeman

DR. THORNDYKE MYSTERIES – Complete Collection: 21 Novels & 40 Short Stories (Illustrated)

von R. Austin Freeman

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