Edgar Cayce Cures - Using Holistic Remedies and Alternative Treatments

Edgar Cayce was perhaps the most famous and most documented psychic of our time. He is known as the Sleeping Prophet and the Father of Holistic Medicine. This book contains the most recommended remedies and treatments.

For more than 40 years, Edgar would lie down on a couch and go into a light sleep state and responded to questions. These sessions called readings were carefully transcribed by his secretary and preserved by the Edgar Cayce foundation in Virginia Beach. Nearly 9,000 of the readings are health related of the over14,000 recorded readings.

As the Cayce readings suggest: to better understand our bodies we must view ourselves as being composed of three parts- a physical body, a mental body, and a spiritual body. Each is separate from the other and at the same time they are one and the same thing. Each of the bodies can be worked on within its own realm and yet they are constantly affecting each other. Change in one is reflected as a change in all of them.

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Edgar Cayce Cures - Using Holistic Remedies and Alternative Treatments

Edgar Cayce Cures - Using Holistic Remedies and Alternative Treatments

von B.A. Anderson

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von Edgar Cayce

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