Fundamentals of Brain Network Analysis

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Fundamentals of Human Imaging Connectomics is the first book to provide an accessible, practical, and comprehensive introduction to imaging connectomics for researchers of any background. Written by experts in all areas of the field, this book contains nontechnical, conceptual, and instructive discussion of each of the core principles of imaging connectomics. Featuring intuitive diagrams, graphical illustrations of key concepts, step-by-step explanations of mathematical formulae, and recommendations for best practices, Fundamentals of Human Imaging Connectomics is an indispensable guide for researchers studying the human connectome. * The only volume to offer a step-by-step introduction to connectomics suitable for both researchers and students.* Provides a general overview, discussion of various issues involved in using neuroimaging to build a connectomic map, the main measures used to analyze connectomic data, an intro to advanced topics in the field, and discussion of as yet unresolved issues and future directions.*
Helps readers determine how they can best use fMRI/DTI data to make a brain network, how they can analyze that network using graph theory, and how they can compare/interpret their findings across different groups* Assumes no prior knowledge beyond basic training in human MRI, and adopts a consistent format across chapters to facilitate learning and linking of different concepts


Co-leader of the Systems Neuropsychiatry research team for the Neuropsychiatry Centre at the University of Melbourne, Dr. Fornito has worked in the field of imaging connectomics for the past five years. He has published 70+ journals articles since receiving his PhD in 2007 and has garnered over 1400 citations (h-index 24). He works on both the development of novel methodologies and their application to neuroscientific and clinical questions. He came to the field as a Psychologist with little training in mathematics or physics and is thus keenly aware of the needs of the non-expert being introduced to the field. Research Fellow at the Neuroscience Institute of the University of Melbourne, Dr. Zalesky has published 50+ journal articles since receiving his PhD in 2007, and his strategies for parcellating the brain into distinct regions have been cited more than 70 times since publication less than two years ago. He led the development of the network-based statistic, a popular method related to work on the human connectome. Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Brain Mapping Unit at the University of Cambridge, Dr. Bullmore is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of imaging connectomics. His team was among the first to generate whole-brain connectomic maps using human MRI and he has published seminal review articles in Nature Reviews Neuroscience. He has published over 350 journal articles (h-index 83), is frequently invited as a keynote speaker at conferences on the topic, and currently acts as an advisor to the Human Connectome Project.

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