Linux Device Drivers

Having already helped two generations of programmers explore Linux and write devices, the fourth edition of this classic book delves into tty, USB, and HCI devices such as keyboards, in addition to basic character devices. Linux Device Drivers includes numerous full-featured examples that you can compile and run without special hardware.


Jessica McKellar is a software engineer from Cambridge, MA. She enjoys the Internet, networking, low-level systems engineering, and contributing to and helping other people contribute to open source software. She is a Twisted maintainer, organizer for the Boston Python user group, and a local STEM volunteer. Alessandro installed Linux 0.99.14 soon after getting his degree as electronic engineer. He then received a Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Pavia despite his aversion toward modern technology. He left the University after getting his Ph.D. because he didn't want to write articles. He now works as a free lancer writing device drivers and, um...articles. He used to be a young hacker before his babies were born; he's now an old advocate of Free Software who developed a bias for non-PC computer platforms.Jonathan Corbet got his first look at the BSD Unix source back in 1981, when an instructor at the University of Colorado let him "fix" the paging algorithm. He has been digging around inside every system he could get his hands on ever since, working on drivers for VAX, Sun, Ardent, and x86 systems on the way. He got his first Linux system in 1993, and has never looked back. Mr. Corbet is currently the co-founder and executive editor of Linux Weekly News. Greg Kroah-Hartman has been building the Linux kernel since 1996 and started writing Linux kernel drivers in 1999. He is currently the maintainer of the USB, PCI, driver core and sysfs subsystems in the kernel source tree and is also one half of the -stable kernel release team. He created the udev program and maintains the Linux hotplug userspace project. He is a Gentoo Linux developer as well as the co-author of the third edition of the "Linux Device Drivers" book and a contributing editor to Linux Journal. He also created and maintains the Linux Device Driver Kit. He currently works for SuSE Labs/Novell, doing various Linux kernel related tasks.

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Linux Device Drivers - Jessica McKellar, Alessandro Rubini, Jonathan Corbet, Greg Kroah-Hartman

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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